Things take longer than you think...

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Why hire a Realtor who knocks on your door?

As someone who is in the trenches daily when it comes to the old school methods of prospecting, I can tell you that there are great benefits to hiring an agent who does this... There are so many other factors that would play into why someone hires an agent, but finding an agent who is hard at work as a first impression is a great starting point.

How to Solve Problems Faster

When you are presented with a problem, how do you handle it? Do you react to it in an emotional, irrational way, or approach it with a logical and rational manner? Like with most things, by outlining steps that are easy to follow, it makes it easier to handle things that might seem overwhelming. Solving problems is no different. Facebook: Kenji Ignacio

OPEN HOUSES - My favorite lead gen activity

You may know me from the door knocking that I do, but I also love open houses for the high quality leads that I get from them...and also the RESULTS. Follow me on Social Media: Facebook - Kenji Ignacio Instagram - Kenji_Ignacio

Celebrations keep you from Winning MORE

Take note of the following situation... You get to a certain point in business, and because it is a level that excites you and makes you happy, you STOP to celebrate and take in the moment. You're essentially telling yourself that, "Hey, I got what I wanted so let's enjoy what we have and pause all forward momentum." Celebrations are okay, but it can indicate that you will remain in the same place in business and life. A top producer/high performance individual will not stop to celebrate the things that are set standards and already expected of them. They move on to the next level and accomplish more and more while everyone else is stuck celebrating the first level. Don't fall into that trap of mediocrity. Follow me on social media: -Facebook: Kenji Ignacio -Instagram: kenji_ignacio

Tracking Numbers and Planning for 2019

How do businesses operate in the most efficient and productive way possible? It's all in the numbers... We've all heard the saying that numbers don't lie. So if that's the case, why not use the numbers in our favor to help us gain CLARITY and PURPOSE in our actions? Proper planning and execution requires an understanding of what is most effective, so start tracking those numbers to power through Q1 of 2019.

As a newer agent you have a lot of expectations your first year. You make big goals and take massive action. But you don't get what you want...yet.
Everyone's journey is different and mine feels slower than expected. As long as I'm getting better everyday, then I know the results will come.

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