How to Learn to Speak Spanish Fast (Foreign Hellos Method)

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How to learn any language in six months | Chris Lonsdale | TEDxLingnanUniversity

Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: Chris Lonsdale is Managing Director of Chris Lonsdale & Associates, a company established to catalyse breakthrough performance for individuals and senior teams. In addition, he has also developed a unique and integrated approach to learning that gives people the means to acquire language or complex technical knowledge in short periods of time. Jan-21-2014 Update. The video transcripts are now available via the following links: English Only: English + Chinese Translation: In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

Learn To Speak Spanish, Learn Spanish Sleeping. ★ Ultimate 10 Hour Collection ★ Binaural Beats

Learn To Speak Spanish, Learn Spanish Sleeping. ★ Ultimate 10 Hour Collection ★ Binaural Beats Learn to speak Spanish with our ultimate collection. This video includes over 200 core words and phrases, the full Spanish alphabet and Spanish numbers from 1-100. We have compiled all of this into once video specifically designed to be listened to as you are going to sleep and to leave on whilst you sleep. The binaural beats that are in the background ensure that you mind absorbs and remembers the Spanish phrases numbers and alphabet. For the ☯Day☯ version click here - ★Remember to subscribe to our channel★: ★You can also visit our website to show your support★: ★How To Use Most Successfully★ - Listen to this video with headphones. - Listen to this video as you are going to sleep - Try and clear your mind of all other thoughts - Repeat the words and meanings out loud if possible - Visualise the words in your head. - Leave on as you fall asleep - Repeat the words you remember throughout your day - Do this for 30 days to see massive results ★Video Description★: This; “Learn To Speak Spanish, Learn Spanish Sleeping” video is specifically designed to help you learn Spanish as you are falling asleep and remember it when you wake up. The brain does have the ability to absorb information whilst you’re asleep, as you may know from experience when real sounds from reality have entered your dream and woke you up. This works under a similar principle however the binaural beats ensure you are not woken up and that it is only the learning part of your brain that is listening to the video. Your brain has an optimal frequency for learning, (when you are totally focussed and absorb information easily), your brain also has a perfect frequency for remembering newly processed information and finally there is a frequency of the brain that allows your subconscious to absorb information whilst you sleep. When you then understand that binaural beats can put your brain at any frequency you want, it then becomes clear how this actually works. You are using binaural beats to basically get the most out of your brain. ★Main Features★: - 100 Spoken Spanish Phrases: We use 100 spoken phrases and words in this video. These are basic words and phrases simply to help you if you are visiting Spain or if you are hosting Spanish students for example, or just to add to your mental portfolio of basic language skills. - Spanish Alphabet: We use letters A – Z in this video as well as the letters in Spanish that have no English translation. These are basic letters simply to help you if you are visiting Spain, with spelling, pronunciation and to improve your mental portfolio of basic language skills. - Spanish Numbers 1 - 100 : We use numbers 1 – 100 in this video. These are basic numbers simply to help you if you are visiting Spain, shopping, telling the time, counting, hosting Spanish students, or just to add to your mental portfolio of basic language skills. - Binaural Beats: Binaural beats used are primarily Theta. These binaural beats are claimed to improve learning, encourage sleep learning, improve our ability to remember specific places and finally to improve memory and help process newly absorbed information. It is played in the correct order allowing for complete processing, understanding and most importantly memorising. - Soothing Music: Soothing background music, there is some very soft music playing in the background just to distract from the sounds of the binaural beats and to ensure you are not distracted from what you are learning. - HD Images: The images are there as a nice background, only 1 image is used as not to drain your battery or cause any buffering issues, we realise in this video actual images aren’t that important as it is more about what is being said than what you can see. Warning: Please remember first and foremost Theta waves are associated with sleep like states, so it is not advisable to use this video whilst driving. Credits: "Light Awash" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Learn Spanish in 10 Minutes - ALL the Basics You Need

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How Similar Are Spanish and Italian?

In today's episode I compare Spanish and Italian! How much do these Romance languages have in commmon? I'm sorry it has been over 2 weeks since my last video. This is my busiest, craziest time of year but it should be over soon! :) ** A mistake in the video: @10:28 I say that la and le both become l' before a vowel, but this is only true for la (not le). ** Thanks to Edu Tudela for recording most of the Spanish audio samples! And thanks to Jack Le Bourgeois and Anita Bonalumi for their feedback on the Italian parts. Support Langfocus on Patreon: Special thanks to: Brandon Gonzalez, Ruben Sanchez, BJ Peter DeLaCruz, Michael Cuomo, Eric Garland, Brian Michalowski, Sebastian Langshaw, Yixin Alfred Wang, Vadim Sobolev, Raymond Thomas, Simon Blanchet, Ryan Marquardt, Sky Vied, Romain Paulus, Panot, Erik Edelmann, Bennet, James Zavaleta, Ulrike Baumann, Ian Martyn, Justin Faist, Jeff Miller, Stephen Lawson, Howard Stratton, George Greene, Panthea Madjidi, Nicholas Gentry, Sergios Tsakatikas, Bruno Filippi, Sergio Tsakatikas, Qarion, Pedro Flores, Raymond Thomas, Marco Antonio Barcellos Junior, David Beitler, Rick Gerritzen, Sailcat, Mark Kemp, Éric Martin, Leo Barudi, Piotr Chmielowski, Suzanne Jacobs, Johann Goergen, Darren Rennels, and Caio Fernandes for their generous Patreon support. * Music: "Erykah" by Otis McDonald. Outro music: "Foundation" by Vibe Tracks.

The Spanish Language and What Makes it The Coolest

This video is all about the Spanish language! Come learn about one of the world`s most important languages, spoken in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and beyond. Subscribers, thanks for waiting for this one. This week I flew back home from Canada and I`m in the middle of moving to a new apartment so I`ve had a lot of delays. But things should be back to normal soon. Support Langfocus on Patreon: Music: "Flamenco Rhythm" by Sunsearcher: Used under Creative Commons License. Intro music: "Sax Attack" by Dougie Wood. Courtesy of Youtube Audio Library. Outro music: "Circular" by Gunnar Olsen. Courtesy of Youtube Audio Library.

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