How To Make A Donut Jewelry Box Out Of Hot Glue – DIY Glue Gun Doughnut Jewelry Organizer

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How To Make Donuts Out Of Socks - 9 DIY Donuts No-sew Projects (Pillow, Stress Toy, Hand Warmers)

Easy video tutorial - how to make a doughnut stuffed toy out of a sock. It will take you 10 minutes to do and it could be used as a stress toy, pincushion, air freshener or pillow (if you'll make 9 of them). Also I show how to make mini donuts out of a glove (10 fingers – 10 tiny donuts). Impressively cute! :) I start my video with a tutorial of multifunctional stuffed donut toy. All you'll need to make are: 1 sock (of any color), a piece of felt (or any fabric of any color), polyester stuffing (you can take a bit from pillow or stuff a toy with other material) and beads or yarn (optional). I show how to make a soft donut with pink icing and with brown chocolate icing. First one with beads (as sprinkles) and the second is with white “glaze” stripes. What for are they? You can use it as a toy, room decoration (bright spots in your interior), pin cushion, air freshener (just drip few drops of fragrance oil), or, which is my favorite option, make 9 donuts and make a donut pillow! How to make it you'll find out in my video. Next part of my tutorial shows how to make mini donuts (or baby donuts, as I called them). For these babes you will need a glove (or pair), a piece of fabric (for “frosting”) and bugles, beads or anything for decoration. You can use these tiny doughnuts as pencil toppers, fridge magnets or as a brooch – up to you! And the final part of the tutorial is about DIY hand warmers and stress toys. You will need a pair of socks (actually, you can use a sleeve or tights...), rice and piece of cloth for “icing”. Don't glue fabric if you want to use it as a hand warmers. So this donut must be sewed! When “donuts” will be ready – microwave them on high for 30 seconds, then put into your coat pockets. Rice will save a warm for, at least, 2 hours and will help your hands not to chill. This kind of donut toys are great to calm nerves! Just squish them! Rice makes such a pleasant noise and feels so relaxing in hands! My video about DIY Antistress ball is so popular, so I've decided to make an option :) Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on G+ : Welcome to my blog: Good luck! :)


Here are some pretty amazing decoration ideas for you to try! DIY candles, yarn crafts, motivation boards, dinosaur-themed decor tricks and much more! :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5-Minute Crafts: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe to 5-Minute Workouts: The Bright Side of Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TIMESTAMPS: 1:15 Homemade candles 5:18 Dragon's egg 8:08 Awesome motivation board For more videos and articles visit: Music: 1. EDM Detection Mode by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist: 2. Happy Bee by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist:

DIY Phone Grips - How To Make Cute Bunny, Donut and Butterfly Popsockets For Your Smartphone

Easy DIY phone grips, popsockets and holders – Fluffy Bunny, Stuffed Donut and Clear Glitter Butterfly. Every of these grips can be removed without damaging your phone or phone case. First DIY tutorial is a Fluffy Bunny popsocket grid. You can use it as a phone stand to watch your favorite series or for video chats as well (vertical and horizontal positions). To make this cutie you will need: yarn (I used white acrylic yarn), pink and white felt, 2 beads (for eyes) and a suction cup (diameter 4 cm or more). For the second DIY phone grip – DIY Doughnut – you will need a lid from Pringles can, 1 yellow sock, pillow stuffing, hot glue gun, pink felt and beads (seed and bugle beads). Oh, and two suction cups (2.5 cm diameter each) – just sew them to the donut's bottom. And the thirds DIY popsocket is an absolutely amazing Glitter Butterfly - super beautiful phone grip. You will need two plastic Pringles lids, a picture of a butterfly (you can draw the butterfly or print it as I did), holographic glitter, clear nail polish, bobby pin (hairpin), super glue and a suction cup (diameter 3 cm and more). Super easy and super cute! Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on G+ : Welcome to my blog: Love. Create. Discover. Idunn


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5 DIY Summer Room Decor Ideas – Bright And Colorful DIY Room Decorations For Summer

In this video I show how to make Room Decor DIYs for Summer. DIY Watermelon Wall Art, DIY Glass Fruits (candle jars and pencil holders), easy DIY Table Fan which I called Cool Sun, Seashell garlands from paper and DIY Alarm Clock inspired by the main Summer symbol – juicy watermelon. I start with a Seashell Garland. All you need is a paper and some twine. It is soooo easy and beautiful – you will love it. :) The next – DIY Watermelon Alarm Clock – or Alarmelon :) Absolutely cute way to upgrade the alarm. BTW, my alarm clock was white, so I had to paint it green, but it could be much easier if I'd find the green one. So, maybe you'll be lucky :) The third DIY – Table Fan Cool Sun :) The summer is not summer without the sun. But sometimes the sun makes me melt lol So here is the perfect combination – bright sun with cool shine :) The fourth DIY project is - Watermelon Slices Wall Art. I like the way I made it – it look like real watermelon slices. I used 4 square canvases (10x10 cm each) and green, pink, black acrylic paints. But you can use any kind of paint :) And the last for my Summer Room Decor video – Multifunctional Glass Fruits. You can use them as pencil holders or holders for any other stuff, candle jars or just decorative items. Use any kind of glasses (wine glasses, water glasses, empty candle jars etc). Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on G+ : Welcome to my blog: Have fun and don't stop diying :)

Super cute DIY doughnut made using Hot Glue Gun (hot melt adhesive). And it is not just a donut, but a DIY jewelry box!

All you need to make this jewelry organizer (with lid) is a hot glue gun. And few more things LOL: a small glass bowl, masking tape, 2 nail polish bottles (one should be smaller in diameter than another for 0.5 cm), lighter, acrylic paint, nail polish (to paint icing).

- Glass bowl – bottom diameter 4.5 cm, top diameter 9 cm, depth about 3.5 cm, 100 ml
- Thin nail polish bottle – it must be straight, so it's bottom and anywhere else diameter is 2 cm – which means it's circumference is 6.5 cm, height of glass (without a cap) 4.5 cm
- Bigger nail polish bottle – also straight, so it's bottom and anywhere else diameter is 2.5 cm – which means it's circumference is 9 cm, height of glass (without a cap) 3 cm

- If you have problems with smooth surface of the donut – use a lighter to melt the glue all over the bowl. Then the surface will be solid and smooth.
- If the hole you made in any part of the doughnut is smaller than needed – carefully wide the hole with a hot glue gun metal ”nose”.
- What is an iron for? It melts the edges of two parts of the “donut”, making edges more flat and equal to each other.
- If you will use a neon pink nail polish for donut's icing – apply three covers (because, I don't know why) neon nail polish is always translucent.
- Please make sure the nail polish you use were not tested on animals.

Good luck!

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