How To Make A Donut Jewelry Box Out Of Hot Glue – DIY Glue Gun Doughnut Jewelry Organizer

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Super cute DIY doughnut made using Hot Glue Gun (hot melt adhesive). And it is not just a donut, but a DIY jewelry box!

All you need to make this jewelry organizer (with lid) is a hot glue gun. And few more things LOL: a small glass bowl, masking tape, 2 nail polish bottles (one should be smaller in diameter than another for 0.5 cm), lighter, acrylic paint, nail polish (to paint icing).

- Glass bowl – bottom diameter 4.5 cm, top diameter 9 cm, depth about 3.5 cm, 100 ml
- Thin nail polish bottle – it must be straight, so it's bottom and anywhere else diameter is 2 cm – which means it's circumference is 6.5 cm, height of glass (without a cap) 4.5 cm
- Bigger nail polish bottle – also straight, so it's bottom and anywhere else diameter is 2.5 cm – which means it's circumference is 9 cm, height of glass (without a cap) 3 cm

- If you have problems with smooth surface of the donut – use a lighter to melt the glue all over the bowl. Then the surface will be solid and smooth.
- If the hole you made in any part of the doughnut is smaller than needed – carefully wide the hole with a hot glue gun metal ”nose”.
- What is an iron for? It melts the edges of two parts of the “donut”, making edges more flat and equal to each other.
- If you will use a neon pink nail polish for donut's icing – apply three covers (because, I don't know why) neon nail polish is always translucent.
- Please make sure the nail polish you use were not tested on animals.

Good luck!

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