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How to cook Ekpang Nkukwo - Calabar

This is how to cook Ekpang Nkukwo. ▪ Peel, wash and you can either grate or blend the cocoyam. ▪ Pick Your Cocoyam leaves into single segments from the mid ribs and wash free of sand and worm . ▪ Add palm oil to grease and coat the base and side of the pot. ▪ Mix the grated cocoyam with little water and salt. ▪ Mix or beat the mixture properly to incorporate air until mixture is fluffy. ▪ Now scoop a small size of the paste with your fingers and wrap a little at a time, place gently in the pot. Continue wrapping and Place each wrap in the pot laying them properly. ▪ Add the fish, Pomo, Shaki, Stockfish MAGGI, pepper, utazi and periwinkles ▪ Place the pot on fire and add 2 cups of stock/ water around the edge of the pot and allow to cook slowly on low heat until set. ▪ Shake the pot at intervals to loosen the wraps and to prevent burning or sticking to the bottom. ▪ Add some more water and oil if need be and the scent leaves and curry leaves. Continue cooking for 10 minutes. ▪ Use a wooden spoon to stir gently so the Ekpang nkwukwo remains whole. ▪ Taste for salt, correct if necessary and finish up with the Uziza leaves. Stir gently and allow to simmer for 2 minutes. ▪ Serve piping hot.

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