First closing? Don’t get too excited

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How I closed 28 deals in my first 12 months in the business... and ... well how you can as well : Points covered : 1. How to speed up the pace of your production 2. Creating an effective Plan for your business 3. How to gain Clarity in your future 4. Living by Faith vs Fear 5. Being able LEAD the client 6. How I closed 28 transactions YEAR ONE.... my exact schedule Enjoy Subscribe to my channel ! Most of us struggle to get anywhere with our goals because we just don't have a plan to get there. What is a simple way to make a plan? What is holding you back from selling 100 homes a year? On this episode, I share the plan that made it possible for me sell 28 homes in my very first year of real estate.   Takeaways If you live by fear, you’ll accept anything. You’re not closing enough deals because you don’t have enough momentum. Most people get stuck at making a plan because they complicate it.   At the start of the show, we talked about how to speed up your own growth, and why so many people get stuck when it comes to making a plan. Next, we talked about the power of having faith in your value, and how I built enough momentum to believe I could build an empire. We also discussed; What happens when you live in fear How I set myself up to work less and earn more How you can set yourself up to sell 100 homes a year   If you feel like you’re off target, make a new plan today and don’t overcomplicate it. You just need a plan that generates momentum so you can actually get more business. It’s all about training your brain to realize that you get better by desiring something, going to get it and desiring something else. It is so necessary to step into faith, and not live by fear because that will stop you from getting better. Find me here and lets get connected : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter :

A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent (My wifes very first closing)


MY FIRST YEAR AS A REAL ESTATE AGENT(21 YEARS OLD) Here is how my first year in real estate went, if anyone is considering a career in real estate I hope this help you out. Thank you

How to Find Real Estate Leads using REDX

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Day In The Life Of A Real Estate Agent

Hi guys! Garrett just got his real estate license and started his career in real estate a couple weeks ago. He is still learning everything and trying to get a hang of the business but here is a typical day in his world for now until it starts to get busier for him! Comment any questions down below if you have them or want to see more videos like this! Thanks for watching! Like + Subscribe! _____________________________________ Personal Instagram: @taylorchristianson @garrett_terrell Salted Road instagram: @saltedroadcoffee Twitter: @tchristiansonn @garebearterrell ________________________________________ Business Inquiries for Taylor: Business Inquiries for Garrett: PO BOX: Taylor Christianson PO BOX #8790 LACEY, WA 98503 USA __________________________________ Love and appreciate you guys! Garrett + Tay

You can see that my first closing didn’t bring too much excitement. Well I received a text right before closing saying a seller signed with another realtor. That means I didn’t do my job with follow up, providing value, etc. PLUG IN! There’s a lot of work to do and a closing should not slow you down! NEXT!

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