Okro/Okra Soup | Quick and easy!

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Please watch: "THE BEST GREEK SALAD RECIPE I SUPA COOKING CLASS I EP. 40" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Da17zccczGU --~-- This seafood okra soup comes together in under 30 minutes guys prep time included. Get the full written recipe on the blog, link below. LET'S CONNECT Website: http://bit.ly/shapeupafricanWeb Instagram: http://bit.ly/shapeupafricanIG Facebook: http://bit.ly/SUPAFacebook Twitter: http://bit.ly/shapeupafricanTwitter

Best Ghana OKRA SOUP Recipe

Hi Guys hope your having an amazing weekend. I have the Okra Soup recipe available so please feel free and check them out. Onyame Nhyira Wo! God bless ya'll! INGREDIENTS: Pack of Okra Pack of Spinach 2 M Tomatoes 1 M Onion Ginger Root 5 Groves of Garlic 2 Hot Peppers 1 tsp of Miss Dash 1 tsp of Paprika 1 tsp Salt 1 tsp Shrimp Powder Hope you enjoy this video Stay Blessed!

Very yummy and nutritious spaghetti jollof recipe | Quick lunch/dinner meal idea.

List of ingredients used: * Spaghetti * Half green bell pepper * 1 Sliced fresh tomato * 3 Tablespoon of crayfish * 1 Medium size onion * 1 Large carrot * 1 Scotch bonnet pepper * About a thumb size ginger * 1 Tin of sweet corn * Some coconut oil * 1 Teaspoon of garlic powder * 1 Tablespoon of Aromat * 1 Teaspoon of thyme * 2 Bayleaves * Some salt to taste * 1 Teaspoon of curry powder * Half teaspoon of nutmeg * 1 Tin fresh tomato puree * 1 Bottle of pasta tomato sauce For garnishing... * Some sliced fresh tomatoes * Sliced cucumber * Some vegetable salad * Hard boiled eggs.

How to make vegetable soup/Eforiro | Updated version!

Hi everyone, today I just decided to share with you all an updated version of how I make my vegetable soup, pls feel free to watch my other video of vegetable soup from start to finish! Here is the link https://youtu.be/uNHBXjabwEM Thanks and enjoy!❤💖💗

White coconut rice!😋😋

Smoked mackerel https://youtu.be/s77N6kplhH4

Rich okro soup https://youtu.be/NU5NTAapXQ4

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