Nail Art | The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation | October 2018 | Easy Nails Tutorial #7

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Nail Art | The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation | October 2018 | Easy Nails Tutorial #12

Nail Art | The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation | October 2018 | Easy Nails Tutorial #12 CREDIT: What you will need

Nail Art | The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation | May 2017 | Easy Nails Tutorial #24

Nail Art | The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation | May 2017 | Easy Nails Tutorial #24 CREDIT: Peel Off Liquid Tape Stamping Plates Nail And Cuticle Oil Glitter Nail Art Tips Decorations

How I Soak Off | Kristina Kouture

Hey loves welcome back to my channel hope you enjoy this video on how I soak off this was a highly requested video and I’m finally bringing it to you! Hope you lovely’s enjoy it! Class ONE on ONE class information What will be held in the class if wanted - Acrylic lay down - Proper nail prep - Nail art (Marble,3D art and Much More) - Polishing - How to adhere Swarovski - And Much More Requirements - No license required everyone has to start somewhere ! FREE SET WITH EVERY CLASS PURCHASE ! For pricing and more Information or questions |Products| Fine drill bit Course drill bit Fine sanding bit 100% Acetone Glass bowl Towel Paper towels Nail clipper or cuticle nippers |Social Media| SnapChat: KristinaKouture Instagram: kristina_kouture_salon Facebook nail page: Kristina kouture nails Personal Facebook: Kristina Troncoso |Business Inquiries| *|This email is only for reviews or business NOT personal|* |Videos mentioned| How I adhere Swarovski crystals How I soak off my nails |Coupons| Web: 10% off coupon code: KKN10 Madam Glam code : Kristina30 |Watch Other Videos| Video on how I prep the brush How to remove acrylics Subscribe and Comment what you would love to see |FAQ| Q: Am I a lisenced Nail Tech? A: Yes have been lisenced by the state of Florida for 5 years Q: How did I learn how to do nails? And how long have I been doing nails? A: Self taught watching videos and practice and 5 years Q: Where am I from? A: Jersey originally reside in Florida Q: Do You own a nail salon? A: Yes I own a nail Studio in Altamonte Springs Fl Thank you for watching and the support LIKE the video if you enjoyed |Disclaimer| I know my channel is growing and I'm doing collabs with companies I just wanna say that I would never work with a company that I DIDNT like if I collab with them then that means I enjoy their products! -God Bless

Amazing Nail Art Ideas | New Nail Arts Compilation | Watch Video To The End

Amazing Nail Art Ideas | New Nail Arts Compilation | Watch Video To The End Do you want to learn technique of Nail art 2018? I prepared for you amazing nail tutorial with beauty hacks! You will get perfect nail education of applying this nails design watching this nailtutorial of nailartdesigns. And you can also watch some more nail art designs and Russian manicure Techniques on my beauty nail channel. I enjoy doing long nails and hardware manicure at home on natural beautiful nails! I do only hard gel nails and always try to show you new nail art! This is very easy nail art (arte de uñas) I also like applying stiletto nails and amazing nail design! In my nail videos you can watch new nail art 2018. Especially you can Watch on my beauty channel NEW ART VIDEOS: Best Nail Art 2018 Nail compilation nailsathome: These is amazing nail art tutorial that you can learn how to paint your nails perfectly, so this is the best nail art compilation for you of beautyhacks and best way of getting naileducation of #nailsdesign! I also like cute nail art and easy nails, such as nail art for short nails. Watch My nail videos of nail art for beginners! There I am showing you nail art design for gel nails extension and manicure tutorial and pedicure. You will learn how to paint your nails, how to apply sculptured nails and nail extension how to work with nail application and also some new hand painting techniques: My new nail art video or beauty tutorial, can be translated on different languages(네일 아트 or 그리는 방법 or nailart ネイルアートを描画する方法) Watch my easy nail designs and nail art tutorials. And after you will do nails designs perfectly like me or like Nail career education or Simply Nailogical or Asmr manicure Nail Technicians or Nail Arts. Let's nails diy and diy nails and diy nail art! ☀️ I really hope you enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe to this channel for the latest videos. ✅ Send us your video links via email and we'll put them in our compilations! Email: ☇ Support us: ➡️Subscribe: Song: Rameses B - There For You [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Download/Stream: Song: Valence - Infinite [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: Song: Lensko - Rebirth [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: Download: ------------------------------------------ Copyright issue? Send us a message and we'll get it resolved. ► I really hope you enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe to this channel for the latest videos #NailArtAndHairstyles

Pedicure Tutorial: Elderly Thick Toenails Growing Up Transformation

This video is about Pedicure Tutorial: Deformed Toenail Transformation. today I am going to show you how to transform toenails of a client who has Onychodystrophy, which means the nail has as altered growth pattern Caused by either external or internal reasons, in this case, it is an inflammatory internal issue, she suspects it is her rheumatoid arthritis. You are going to enjoy todays video so stay tuned! ========================= 📱Social Media 📱 Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Google+: ========================== 🖥 Websites 🖥 Blog: Online Store Not everyone who has RA will get misshapen toenails so please don’t worry. Other internal reasons could be not enough blood flow in the feet, decreased oxygenation and metabolic disorders and an example of an external factor causing onychodystrophy is trauma caused from running or even dropping something on the nail. The nails have had time to soften in the warm foot bath and after taking off the polish I use cuticle remover so it can dissolve the dead cuticle skin so I can remove it easily. I have been working with this client for many many years so I am used to creating an optical illusion for her. But I still have to be careful not to cut any skin that may be attached to the bottom of the toenail. when it is time to cut the length of the nails be careful and go slow. You can always trim off more after you thin then nails out some too. I am drawing a random comment from the comment section to win one of the tools I am using in the video! So be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you liked best about the video or ask me a question in the comment section. There will also be a comment chosen for the comment hall of fame on my Instagram and anyone who posts a photo of you watching my videos and tags me @themeticulousmanicurist will be entered into a drawing to win a big prize at the end of the month! I apologize I have not replied to questions this week, I have been working 17 hour days, but what I think I will do when that happens is have a pop up live video question and answer session one night like a Thurs or Fri or sat or sun night. What night would be best do you think? So make sure you have clicked the bell notification so when I start a live video it will notify you and you will be able to listen to all the q and A and ask me one yourself or just say hello! For all of you at home hoping to take better care of your feet or a family member, all of the tools I use in the video are available on my online store, there is a link in the description it is called the powder room, there is also a link on my salon's website. Voila salon and spa and my salon is in Saline, MI 205 Videos by The Meticulous Manicurist! : The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials sets a new standard in nail education utilizing Real life, Real situations for Real learning. Lori is a professional nail technician, her YouTube channel is unique and full of explicit instructional lessons to support the education, growth and collaboration of nail technicians and nail lovers all over the world. Her nail tutorials range from Beginners Acrylic Nails providing Step by Step instruction to Pedicure Tutorials that demonstrate routine care for your Feet. Everything you ever wanted to know about Nails, Manicures, Pedicures, Acrylic Nails, Foot Massage Techniques and Nail Art are shared in her tutorials. She hopes to inspire & enrich the perception of the Nail Career by Nail Technicians to create lasting bonds with clientele. People can even learn how to care for their feet and nails at home with professional instruction for pedicures and acrylic nails. If you would like to be notified of video uploads be sure to subscribe. These Pedicure Tutorials are also extremely helpful. And if you like my tutorials you will also like my acrylic nail tutorials and hard gel tutorials be sure to check those out. Pedicure tutorials 👣 Extreme Dead Skin Removal Toenail Transformation Pedicure Tutorial 👣 #2 POV Salon Pedicure Compilation Big Toenail Cleaning 👣✔ 👣 POV Salon Pedicure Tutorial Up Close Big Toenail Cleaning Real Time👣 👣 Ingrown Toenail Treatment How to Recut Nail Groove to Eliminate Pain 👣#1 Pedicure Big Toenail Cleaning Compilation Real Time 👣✔ 👣 Express Pedicure Tutorial for Men and Diabetic Pedicure Tips 👣Impacted vs Ingrown Big Toenail Removed for Pain Relief ♥ Pedicure ♥

Nail Art | The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation | October 2018 | Easy Nails Tutorial #7

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