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Secrets of the Northern Line

It's Part 2 out of the 11 tube lines in our series 'Secrets of the Underground'. This time, Geoff Marshall takes us on a tour of the Northern Line, looking for unusual features including unfinished platforms, secret escalators, fibbing signs and even a plastic owl! All of the videos in this series are in this playlist here: If you like this, you might also like this - a history of how the Northern Line was built: Also - visit the website for a daily dose of London news, features and trivia. And thanks to everyone for taking the time to translate the subtitles into another language ....

Do You Live in London?

So. You live in London. DO you live in London though? How exactly do you DEFINE living in London? This isn't the first time we've posed the question ( but this time we've come up with a graphical video that contrasts and compares the various ways people define London. Take a look and then decide if you still consider yourself to live in London - and if you're interested as to why there are no NE or S London postcodes, here's the story behind it:

Paddington To West Ruislip Ghost Train

Known as a 'Parliamentary train' this service runs along The New North Mainline, that connects the Great Western mainline to the Chiltern Railways network. Normally to get out this way you'd take a train from Marylebone, but once a day there is a train that runs from London Paddington and back, to maintain drivers' knowledge and prevent the section of track from closing.

London 10 Quirky Places

An alternative sightseeing trip round London, taking a look at some of it's quirkier sights. From the Mandella Tank to the Traffic Lights Tree. Directed, filmed and edited by me. Camden Castles Camera Operator: Barry Parker. Shunt work: White cranes installation- Serena Bobowski, Perceptive Error (backlight images on the wall) - Katriona Chapman, Paula Coakley, Sergio Galaviz, Susan Gregory, Masha Solon, Nick Huggins, Xenia Capacete, Simon Solon, Cassie Solon, Lawrie Solon, Christina Petrie,Susannah Cruton, Francis Campbell, Bandsalat (Video tower) - Susanne Dietz and The Hair Salon - Eleanor Barrett, Gemma Brockis and Serena Bobowski

The Secret Station - Aldwych

My Final Year University Project - A Trip Down Aldwych. The London Underground has undergone many changes since its conception; lines and stations close to be replaced by newer, more efficient ones. But what actually becomes of these closed down stations? Do any still exist now? If so, what would it be like to visit one...? This video takes you on a visual journey through Aldwych, a disused station on a now defunct branch of the Piccadilly Line. I produced this as part of my 'TV Production' course at Bournemouth University. It was awarded a first. For more information on disused stations on the London Underground please visit

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