How To Cook Editan Soup in 7mins - Full Video

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How to Make Moi Moi | Moi Moi Without Peeling the Beans | Fast & Easy Moi Moi Recipe

Moi moi is a delicious type of nigerian food. This moi moi recipe shows how to oven bake moi moi without peeling the beans, making it fast and stress-free. Moi moi can be steamed or oven baked. SUBSCRIBE HERE: How to Make Nigerian Oven Baked Moi Moi Without Peeling the Beans. Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups or 315g unpeeled oloyin (honey) beans 2 sweet peppers 1 red bell pepper 2 scotch bonnets 1 medium sized onion 2 tbsp (100ml) coconut oil 1 cup (200ml) fish liquid stock (depending on the thickness of the beans mixture) 1/2 tbsp all purpose seasoning 1 tsp salt 2 Knorr chicken stock cubes 1 tsp curry (optional) 1 tsp mixed herbs (basil, marjoram, parsley & thyme) A pinch turmeric 2 eggs (optional) Butter (for coating the Ramekins) 2 Hard boiled eggs (optional) 1 Boiled Fresh Mackerel (fresh/frozen mackerel fish, 1 tsp salt, 2 stock cube, 1 tsp thyme, 100ml water) Don’t forget to LIKE us on facebook for regular updates on recipes: Join us on instagram: Yummieliciouz Food Recipes Don’t forget to Subscribe, Like, Thumbs up and Comment. Thank you for your continuous support. EMAIL NOTIFICATION SETTINGS Don’t miss out! Receive notifications when there are new videos and updates from Yummieliciouz Food Recipes by turning on notification for this channel on your YouTube settings. Feel free to watch my other videos listed below: How to Boil Mackerel How to Cook Ayamase (Nigerian Designer Stew) How to Cook Nigerian Moi Moi How to Make Nigerian Meat pie How to Make Chin Chin Nigerian Puffpuff Nigerian Buns Thanks for watching. Music: BoxCat Games (licensed under a Creative Common Attribution License) Intro: By me

Ekwang - Precious Kitchen - Ep 16

Hi guys! In this episode you will watch me whipping up some Ekwang. Ekwang is a Cameroonian delicacy mostly eaten by those in the South West region of the country but enjoyed throughout the country. It is very similar to the Nigerian Ekpang Nkukwo. It is made up of grated cocoyams wrapped in cocoyam leaves then simmered with seasonings. Finger-licking good! Check out the full written recipe here:


Jollof rice is one of the dishes most people have difficulty with even me. I had always seen it has a very difficult kind of food that I can never get the techniques.It's either it comes out soggy or so oily it is always one thing or the other but here I am now with my jollof rice looking perfecto 👌🏿 Can you see those rice grains standing on their own ?? Do you love the jollof rice served in Nigerian parties? Is cooking jollof rice one of the food you have difficulty with?Have you tried cooking jollof rice and it ended been waterlogged and soggy?? Are you tired of parboiling rice just cook jollof rice? Do you want to improve your cooking skills? Have you always wanted to learn how to cook? DEMMY'S DIARY is here for you 😘😘 INGREDIENTS 3 CUPS OF RICE(I am sorry, i skipped this in the video) 2 MEDIUM-SIZED FRESH TOMATOES 2 BIG BELL PEPPERS 3 FRESH LONG PEPPERS/ATARODO 2 MEDIUM-SIZED ONIONS HALF CUP OF OIL 5 TABLESPOONS OF TIN TOMATO PASTE FRESH GINGER 3 CLOVES OF GARLIC 1TABLESPOON OF THYME 1 TABLESPOON OF CURRY 1TABLESPOON OF GROUNDED NUT-MEG 6 BAY LEAVES 3-4 CHICKEN STOCK/WATER 1 TABLESPOON OF SALT 4 STOCK CUBES let's start cooking!!!!!! 1.Wash your hands.This is the first and most important step.This to prevent and avoid the spread of germs. 2.Rinse your blender, knife,,peppers and onions and cut into sizes,put in the blender and add little water this is to aid the blender blending easily. 3.For this recipe i didn't blend my pepper till smooth.You can achieve this by putting in the ''P'' mode located around the turning knob of your blender and if your blender doesn't have that you can just use the ''on and off'' method as demonstrated in the video. 3.Chop your onions,cut you garlic and ginger into small sizes. 4.Place a clean and rinsed pot on a stove/gas and preheat your cooking oil. 5.Add your chopped onions,stir and fry for a while. 6.Add your garlic and ginger and stir fry for about a minute. 7.Add your tomato paste,stir-fry to remove the sourness for about 2-3 minutes 8.Add your curry,thyme and nutmeg.Stir-fry on a low heat.REASON i stir-fry(stir and fry) is to avoid the ingredients from gaming to the pot.Even while doing this you will feel the force just exert some force on the turning stick to clear it. 9.After about 2-3 minutes,add your chicken stock and if you don't have this you can always replace with water.STIR ON A LOW HEAT about 3 minutes or more. 10.Rinse your bay leaves and add to the cooking sauce,cover and let it simmer for and about 5minutes. 11.5minutes after,open and stir and taste for maggi and salt because the chicken stock contains salt and maggi but if you won't be using chicken stock you can add it while you were adding the bay leaves.Cover and leave to simmer for a minute or two. the cooking sauce,stir and pour in your blended pepper,stir and leave to simmer on a low heat. 13.Since you won't be parboiling the rice,just give it a very nice washing to remove excess starch.Wash till when the washing water becomes clear and visible. the cooking sauce,stir and pour the washed rice.,stir partially and make sure it levels up with the cooking sauce in the pot if not you can add little water. 15.cover up with foil paper this helps to retain heat and avoid you from adding water to the rice so many times.JOLLOF RICE IS ALWAYS BETTER AS STEAMED.Leave for about 10-15 minutes. 16.Check your rice,stir together,pick a gain or two to check if its soft enough or not.If its soft enough to your taste,that means your rice is done but if otherwise ,add little water and cover to simmer for about 5 minutes more. AND HERE WE HAVE OUR NIGERIAN JOLLOF RICE.If you love this recipe please do give a thump up and if otherwise please do share your thoughts in the comment box.Please do try this recipe,i will love to hear from you.ANY more doubts please do leave a question,i will love to reply you all.Please don't forget to like,share and subscribe. FACEBOOK @DEMMYSDIARY INSTAGRAM @DEMMYSDIARY THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!! WATCH MY OTHER FOOD VIDEOS.... NIGERIAN JOLLOF RICE WITHOUT PARBOILING THE RICE TUTORIAL NIGERIAN LUMPY EGUSI SOUP WITHOUT USING EGGS | TUTORIAL DIY | HOW TO SMOKE FISH WITH AN OVEN TOAST BREAD | MY STYLE NIGERIAN PUFF PUFF | HOW TO SCOOP IN BATTER WITH YOUR HAND | DIY | NIGERIAN RECIPE FASTEST AND EASIEST METHOD OF PEELING BEANS

Okro/Okra Soup | Quick and easy!

Smoked mackerel Rich okro soup

Spicy Abak Atama Soup Recipe (banga soup)

How to prepare spicy abak atama soup Atama soup is another delicious aromatic palm fruit soup prepared with a green vegetable called atama leaf; It is another form of banga soup, only that this one is prepared using a different vegetable (atama). You can either make use of the dried atama or the fresh leaf to cook this soup. Atama leaf in English is sometimes refers to as in "bush apple leaves”, it has a botanical name such as Heinsia crinite. Atama is usually found at many backyards of the Ibibios and efiks speaking tribes in Nigeria. The soup is mostly prepared with the fresh atama leaves, the fresh leaves can be thinly sliced and dried in the sun till they become brittle and then preserved in a nylon bag. The main Ingredient in atama soup is the palm nut extract which is also called abak in Calabar dialect. this palm fruit cream extract is what gives atama soup the bright yellow looking colour which is why it is called abak atama soup (palm fruit soup). However, atama soup can cooked together with egusi, water leaf, okro or with palm fruit extract just like the video you are seeing, hence, palm oil could be used to prepare it in place of palm fruit extract. The difference between the palm oil and the palm fruit extract is that palm oil is extracted without the addition of water, while the later is extracted with water and it is usually added to soup to thicken it and for better taste. Abak Atama soup ingredients include: 1 medium bunch fresh atama leaf (dried atama leaf could be substituted) Palm fruits, 3 cups (tin milk cup or 1/2 mudu) Beef or goat meat, 1/2 kilogram Shelled periwinkles, 2 cups Snails or crab, any amount Kpomo(cow hide),1 piece Stockfish,1 head or any part Smoked fish, 1 big size Uyayak (aidan fruit or local spice of your choice) 1/2 piece Crayfish (ground )3 tablespoons Fresh or dried ground pepper (as desired) Seasoning cubes, 4 cubes or to taste Salt to taste Also watch how to cook spicy banga soup: How to make delicious Afang soup: How to make tasty edikan ikong soup:

Learn to make a Calabar delicacy called Editan Soup in 7mins

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