[Day 2] *READ DESCRIPTION* Attempting to learn how to draw in a month or so

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The SuperMarioLogan Movie Discussion Stream

Featuring Zeke. We'll be telling you all some interesting things, to say the least.

[DAY 2] Learning to draw redo redo

Where I poorly draw stuff until I get better through trial and error

Chill stream again

For a variety of reasons, I can say I'm doing much better

After-hours with Istebrak

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Watching Meet the Feebles with a mexican, a lesbian, and a thot

Oh boy...

Well Day 1 was a disaster. I think that was due in part to me trying to draw with a mouse. So I get my drawing tablet working, so now things will be ever so slightly LESS horrible...

...slightly. Anyways, I'm going to try and keep this as a daily thing...we'll see, I suppose. And for those who weren't here before, I'm going to try and learn to draw in a month...here's hoping it won't be too horrible.

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