Primitive Technology: Hunting Porcupine By Trap and Cooking

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Top 5 Primitive Technology with Survival Skills and Cooking.

Primitive Technology: Unique Wild Boar Trap and Cooking In Forest

Primitive Technology : Thrilling journey of hunting strange Wild Boar how to trap and ASMR EATING This video is about our journey of following aboriginal men living primitive life in the jungle. This video gives you the instruction on how to catch and cook an exotic wild boar right in a deserted jungle. Follow us for more interesting videos. Subscribers: Channel Wilderness Technology : Channel Head Wilderness: Channel Trap Wilderness: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Primitive technology: Hunting leopard gecko - the last descendants of the dinosaur. | Wilderness. Primitive Technology: Tracking, trapping and processing wild boar in the forest. | Wilderness Primitive Technology: Catch the Giant Python in the jungle swamp. | Wilderness Technology. Primitive Technology: Catch and cook wild Chickens in the jungle wilderness. | Wilderness Technology Primitive Technology: How to trap forest Mouse the most dangerous, bake and eat great tasting Primitive Technology: Facing reaper while searching for foods, Horror meal with worms in the forest. Primitive Technology: Catching Squirrel , the fastest animal on earth. | Wilderness Technology. Primitive Technology: It is dangerous to climb up the tree to pick up orchids forest | Wilderness Primitive Technology: Eating fire ants against extreme fear of hunger | Wilderness Technology Primitive Technology: How To Catch Giant Queen Termite In Forest Wilderness | wilderness technology Primitive Technology: Rescue two little birds and nurture in the forest | Wilderness Technology Fanpage : G+ : #wildernesstechnology #Survivalskills #Huntingwild #Hunting #Wild #Technology #Wilderness #survival #Primitivetechnology

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Transporting, Baiting, & Setting a Hog Trap!

Heres a video of me and dad transporting, baiting, and setting a hog trap. This video was made a few weeks ago (sorry I’m late y’all!) and since then we have caught over 10 hogs from the trap. I was unable to get footage for a YouTube video before we left for Kansas and had to set it off while we’re gone, but if you visit dad’s Instagram page @jeffbarron70 you’ll see some of the hogs from the trap! I’ll get more videos on hog trapping, the ones we catch, and how to build them when I can! Preciate y’all!

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Primitive technology: Trap porcupine by the kitchen smoke very unusual way | Wilderness Technology.

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