Primitive technology: Trap porcupine by the kitchen smoke very unusual way

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Primitive Technology : Thrilling journey of hunting strange Wild Boar how to trap and ASMR EATING This video is about our journey of following aboriginal men living primitive life in the jungle. This video gives you the instruction on how to catch and cook an exotic wild boar right in a deserted jungle. Follow us for more interesting videos. Subscribers: Channel Wilderness Technology : Channel Head Wilderness: Channel Trap Wilderness: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Primitive technology: Hunting leopard gecko - the last descendants of the dinosaur. | Wilderness. Primitive Technology: Tracking, trapping and processing wild boar in the forest. | Wilderness Primitive Technology: Catch the Giant Python in the jungle swamp. | Wilderness Technology. Primitive Technology: Catch and cook wild Chickens in the jungle wilderness. | Wilderness Technology Primitive Technology: How to trap forest Mouse the most dangerous, bake and eat great tasting Primitive Technology: Facing reaper while searching for foods, Horror meal with worms in the forest. Primitive Technology: Catching Squirrel , the fastest animal on earth. | Wilderness Technology. Primitive Technology: It is dangerous to climb up the tree to pick up orchids forest | Wilderness Primitive Technology: Eating fire ants against extreme fear of hunger | Wilderness Technology Primitive Technology: How To Catch Giant Queen Termite In Forest Wilderness | wilderness technology Primitive Technology: Rescue two little birds and nurture in the forest | Wilderness Technology Fanpage : G+ : #wildernesstechnology #Survivalskills #Huntingwild #Hunting #Wild #Technology #Wilderness #survival #Primitivetechnology

Awesome Quick Bird Trap Using Tire Car And PVC - How To Make Bird With Water Pipe Work 100%

Awesome Quick Bird Trap Using Tire Car And PVC - How To Make Bird With Water Pipe Work 100% We make this video is only for entertainment purpose. We did not kill birds. Please do not kill any birds or animals. Killing animals recommended from SK Daily HD Thank you so much for watching my video. Please comment, like, share and subscribe to see more videos update. Thank You !

Three Dogs Encountered Porcupine, Outcome Was As Bad You'd Expect

GoFundMe page: Three dogs encountered a porcupine, resulting in multiple serious injuries and a massive hospital bill for their owner. But the internet has responded to the sight of wounded dogs with over $10,000 in donations. Encounters with porcupines can be painful and costly. Three dogs in Canada recently had one such run-in; resulting in multiple injuries and a massive veterinarian bill for their owner.  Mahalo, Nestah and Soljah were playing outside at Dennis Mazur's organic farm in Craven, Saskatchewan when they came across the porcupine.  After the encounter, Nestah had a face full of quills while Soljah only received a few in the neck and snout.  Mahalo, however, caught a cascade to the chest and the quills migrated into her heart and lungs--requiring multiple surgeries. In addition to the swiftly increasing hospital bills, Mazur has lost money by taking time off work and traveling to be near the dogs in their time of need.  But Mazur is getting some substantial help from the kindness of strangers.  A GoFundMe page set up by a friend recently surpassed the $10,000 fundraising goal.

Primitive Culture: Nature Cut Tree Using Fish Oil and Tree Resin

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How To Catch A Porcupine - Survival Technology: Awesome Quick Porcupine Trap Using Nets

How To Catch A Porcupine - Survival Technology: Awesome Quick Porcupine Trap Using Nets

Primitive technology: Trap porcupine by the kitchen smoke very unusual way | Wilderness Technology

Each porcupine cave has two doors for more convenience when they come out and come in. We put a basket in one door and set fire to the remaining door so that smoke could enter the cave. After a while, the porcupine will be smoked and come out at the door that we have put the basket. We bake porcupine in a very unique way. It is using the heat of coal and surrounded by a stone fence.


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