HOW TO LEARN tables of 12-20 FASTER

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How to learn the tables 12 to 19 just in 10 to 20 seconds.

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Maths trick Hindi |Tables new trick 11 to 20 tables easy method in hindi

Learn multiplication tables from 12 to 19 in 5 minutes

If you know tables from 2 to 9, here is an easy way to learn and write multiplication (times) tables from 12 to 19 . This video targets kids of Age Group from 8 to 12 years. It is suggested that kids should memorize tables till 20 for quick calculations however this trick further helps in mind calculations once you practice.

Times Tables for Kids: Fast, Easy and FUN! 2 to 12 Times Tables

Times Tables for Kids - easiest system for kids to learn multiplication. Gets you confident (2s to 12s and beyond) WITHOUT memorizing tables! Discover the 3 simple steps and easy picture-stories that make this possible. Great for kids, teens and adults. This video is part of a mini-series that takes you right through the full Numba Ninja multiplication system. Subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell to get notified when future episodes are released: This video series will help you make memorizing multiplication tables an unnecessary pain, as you'll find that you can answer all problems from the standard times table (2s 3s 4s 5s 6s 7s 8s 9s 10s 11s and 12s) i.e. from 2 x 2 up to 12 x 12 without having to remember any of those tables of answers at all. All you will need is to understand my simple 3-step process and how to apply a few easy picture-stories to help you answer multiplication problems. The bonus is that this approach to fast mental multiplication will also help you answer many problems well outside of the standard multiplication table, empowering you and/or your child to respond quickly and effectively to many multiplication problems that you've never seen before. The system is great for anyone, whether they are completely new to multiplication tables or even quite competent already but looking for ways to get faster, especially at mental multiplication problems outside of the standard 12x12 times tables. A complete beginner (typically aged about 6 or 7 years old) can easily master this system within a week, without ever feeling like they had to particularly work hard at it. This is more about enjoying some simple picture-stories, which most children do anyhow. The mental multiplication system can be practiced alongside the Numba Ninja Game, which uses dice to create mental multiplication problems in line with your level of progress through the system. When I have used this board-game based approach to teaching the system to children who are completely new to multiplication, their teachers and parents typically find that that the children are not only confident at handling some shockingly large multiplication problems with just one week, but that they are also better able to understand larger numbers. This is because they won't be restricted to answers up to 12x12 giving a highest answer of 144. Instead the kind of problems they will be handling will have answers running into the millions, as long as the child expresses excitement about challenging themselves to that extent. When parents and teachers have sat in on these games, they have often found that their own multiplication skills are greatly improved too. #TimesTables #MultiplicationTables #NumbaNinja

Trick for Integration By Parts (Tabular Method, Hindu Method, D-I Method)

This video demonstrates a common short-cut trick for doing Integration By Parts. This short-cut is also known as the Tabular Method, the Hindu Method, and the D-I Method. ******************************************* Don’t forget guys, if you like this video please “Like” and “Share” it with your friends to show your support - it really helps me out! ******************************************* For More Math Tutorial Videos, check out all of my Playlists: TI-84 Calculator Videos: Calculus Videos: AP Calculus AB Test Tips Videos: STEM Project in Calculus: Pre-Calculus Videos: Trigonometry Videos: Algebra Videos: Algebra 2 Videos: M104 at IUK Videos: M105 at IUK Videos: Extremely Nerdy Math Jokes: Fun Things to do on the TI-84: Math Tricks: Classroom Teaching Ideas: ******************************************* Be sure to check out Cole’s World of Mathematics around the web! ON FACEBOOK: ON TWITTER: MY BLOG: My TpT Site: *******************************************

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