How To Make Star, Heart and Round Baskets Using Drinking Straws And Ribbons – Easy DIY Baskets

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12 DIY Projects With Clothes Iron – 12 New Fun Things and Life Hacks You Can Make With Iron

Awesome craft ideas and life hacks using clothes iron – DIY jewelry (bracelets, ring and necklace), buttons, bowl, DIY decorations for tank tops, tote bags and T-shirts, coaster and some delicious food :) Everything is very easy and doesn't need much time to do! I'm pretty sure you will also like my 10 DIY Projects With Drinking Straws: and 7 DIYs Using Hot Glue Gun (7-day marathon): Ok, back to the 12 tutorials descriptions! For every project you will need an iron (turn it on for a maximum temperature) and a baking paper (make sure objects do not stick to it when are melted). And please make sure you are focused enough to make your work with hot clothes iron safe! I start with an absolutely easy and beautiful DIY coaster of plastic bottle caps. You will need 7 plastic bottle screw caps (you can remove the name of the brand on the top with nail polish remover). After melting caps wait for about 10 seconds before removing the top baking paper sheet. And just after that – place something flat and heavy on the warm coaster and leave it cool. The second DIY project is a way to decorate T0shirts, tank tops and – as it shown in the video – tote bag. You will need plastic drinking straws for this project. You can wash clothes decorated that way with hands in warm water (but better not in a washing machine). The third DIY – A Bowl out of clear tape. You will need a glass or ceramic bowl (make sure the glass is not thin), plastic wrap and clear packing tape. I used packing tape because it is wider so ease to wrap the bowl. But regular clear tape will work too. #4 – Tank top or T-shirt decoration with hot glue and glitter. As I promised – just an iron – no glue gun! :) Pretty easy to make and looks stunning. Just a tip – better to use a glitter with super small sequins (like a sand). But bigger parts will stick well too. Hand-wash, 30° C. Next, fifth project – is one of my favorite LOL Seriously! Toasts! Super easy and fast and tastes just perfect! Note – use sheets of baking paper which are just a little bit larger than a bread slices – otherwise the bread will be wet inside. Moving to the sixth tutorial - DIY Buttons Out Of Drinking Straws. Love this idea so much! Make sure you use straw pieces of one size (mine were 9 cm each). Then your buttons will be the same size each. For the holes use an awl and a candle to heat it up. Next is a new way to recycle plastic bottles :) - DIY bracelets out of plastic bottles made with clothes iron! :) Use bottles of different colors. Make sure the circumference of the bottle is enough to make a bracelet. I used a Coca-Cola 1.5 L bottle. The circumference of the “ring” I cut was 29 cm. And the height about 1.5-2 cm. Important – PUSH on the “ring” with hot iron! Continuing jewelry theme – the eighth DIY is a ring which looks like a ring with holographic opal! Love it! Stick for a glue gun I used was 7 mm wide. And that piece I cut was about 2.5 cm. Ninth project – super adorable way to decorate jeans, T-shirts or whatever you want with tinsel and plastic bag! It is waterproof and looks gorgeous! Isn't it? Next – super easy and super yummy DIY candies. You will need some sugar (for 4 slices – 1 teaspoon of sugar) and a baking paper. It could take some time to melt the sugar (about 5 minutes) but it worth it! Just after you have melted it wait for 10-15 seconds before cutting sugar to slices with scissors. And don't touch it! Just hold a paper – not areas with melted sugar. Then let slices cool – they will dry and harden. Remove baking paper just before eating a candy (hygiene the main!). If you are vegan (as I am) make sure you use a vegan sugar! Eleventh project is a DIY necklace (pendant) made of drinking straws. After melting straws as I show – you can cut any shape – round, diamond, heart, star or any letter etc. And the 12th DIY is a wide bracelet made using sticks for glue gun (but without a glue gun) :) Sizes: 3 sticks – 20 cm each, 7 mm wide; after melting – 20 cm x 4.5 cm. Washi tape I used was 1.5 cm wide. Experiment with colors and width! Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on G+ : Welcome to my blog: Love. Create. Discover. Idunn

10 DIYs and Tips That Will Help You Stop Depression – DIY Room Decor And Cheer-Up Tips

Colorful DIY Room Decor Ideas and tips that might cheer you up if you're felling sad, depressed or just in a bad mood! Hanging Planters, Funny Dice Game, Psychological Wall Clock, Rainbow Jewelry Bowls, Colorful Drawing (like Rorschach Test) and tips how to reduce your stress level and improve your mood :) Enjoy! First of all I must say – I know what is depression, what is anxiety and phobia! And all those tips I show in the video help me a lot every time I'm not in better mood :) Maybe you would think “why she didn't say (write LOL) a word about exercises, food and deep sleep?” Umm... Yep, you'd be right. But all those advises could be given only by specialists and by those ppl who have never been depressed. Because when you are depressed you can't even stand up. You just don't see a point. You don't want to eat and you sleep bad. My tips are tested by myself. They don't push on action, they are passive and seriously help. So, truly hope my video will be helpful for you too! DIYs Doing crafts (not art) is really helpful. So I start with DIY Hanging Planter. And if you will plant mint or basil it could also be the best natural air freshener and tasty fresh accent in your tea. :) All you need: a wood cutting board, plastic flower pot (without drainage hole), screw and plant. I recommend mint. To fill your room with minty air – just touch leaves. And of course – mint is a great stress helper! Just squeeze one leaf with fingers and put into your tea. The next one – DIY Funny Dice Game. Just play it when you feel lonely and do actions they show. :) One die is for actions and another one is for time. Here are actions I wrote: Jump, Smile, Clap your hands, Pull your ears, Arms up, Sing a song. And time: 1 minute, 40 seconds, 30 sec, 20 sec, 10 sec and 5 sec. Pretty easy and helpful! The third project is a DIY Psychological Wall Clock. I'm seriously in love with it! It is colorful, smart, creative, beautiful and easy (to do). And it is always fun to check what time is it – Creativity past Fun, or Love to Peace LOL :) Or it can help you with an advice what to do right now. If it is two o'clock – which is yellow color (creativity) in my case – you could create something. Or if it is eight o'clock (which is brown – comfort) – you could drink a cup of coffee, light candles and to everything that makes you feel comfortable and cozy :) The fourth DIY – Rainbow Jewelry Bowls are great for those, who want to make something cool and quick :) Pretty easy idea but I like it! :) Just a tip – rotate bowl as shown in the video few times, to have gradient effect. Number 5 – DIY Positive Colorful à la Rorschach Test. I love it! You can draw whatever you want, any lines and shapes and to get an absolutely amazing result. Just do it quickly, cause paints dry fast. Tips I start with an absolutely easy but really helpful tip – wear glasses (sunglasses or safety glasses, whatever) with yellow lenses! You will trick your brain into believing you're getting more natural sunlight. Everything (especially outside, when it is raining) becomes bright and you're mood gets better! Watch TV or YouTube, take shower, cook – whatever! It will help! It helps me! The next one – is a contrast shower. If you have strength to stand up and go have a bath – trust me – better take a cold-hot-cold-hot shower. It will make you feel full of energy! Don't take it for long – just few switches from cold to hot. I take 1 minute cold water, the switch to hot water (also for a minute) and repeat it three times. Deep Breathing – is next :) I have read so many researches about it's benefits... But I don't have any right to retell them, because I'm not a medical expert LOL So I would just say 3 times (in and out) is enough for me to balance my mental state, if I can say so. I feel just balanced and calm after breathing. And my S-Health (in my Samsung) shows I always have 100% SpO2 level after breathing. ;) Moving on - chew toys for dogs! Yeah! It's great! Everyone knows about a theory that massaging your foot can activate or normalize your every organ's function. I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of that theory, but anyway – it feels so good LOL And the last tip – my favourite – watch comedies. I highly recommend to watch Mr. Bean. I just adore Rowan Atkinson. His character (Mister Bean) is the highest level of perfection in art. You can find him on YouTube (Mr. Bean with verify symbol). But sure, you can watch any comedy that makes you happy. Because laughter decreases stress and triggers body's natural “feel-good” chemicals. Love you! Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on G+ : Welcome to my blog: Love. Create. Discover. Idunn

How To Make A Heart Wallet Out Of Clear Tape And Glitter - DIY Glitter Heart Wallet

In this video I show how to make a heart-shaped glitter wallet made of clear packing tape. All you'll need is a clear tape, glitter and paper. Here are few tips to make this DIY project: make sure your paper hearts patterns are big enough for things you want to put into the wallet. use different colors of paper and glitter. Gold, holographic, silver etc. instead of sequins for the inner heart use little paper hearts, or hearts cut out of aluminum foil or any metallic candy or cookie wrapping :) if it written or drawn something on your plastic bag with slider zipper (it is often written “date” on those bags, because they are good for food storage), you can remove it with nail polish remover. if you have just one magnet – use a little coin as the second part of a fastener ;) And the last one – you can make as many pockets inside as you need. Or even just an blank heart of tape for photo ;) Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on G+ : Welcome to my blog: Love. Create. Discover. Idunn


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Sneak Candy in Class! 19 DIY Edible School Supplies & School Pranks!

DIY Edible School Supplies & Back to School Pranks! Learn HOW TO sneak food, candy in class and prank your school friends and teachers. Prank video shows 19 weird ways to sneak candy in class and back to school. School pranks and prank wars are easy, simple and a perfect pranks for kids, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, teenagers, classmates and siblings. No need for fancy back to school haul - transform your DIY school supplies into DIY edible school supplies and make epic back to school pranks for kids and DIY school supplies beginners. - Sour gummy worms in a tin pencil case! Sour gummy candy is a favorite to so many. Sneak sour candy in class by hiding them in a tin pencil case. Cover the candy with a special DIY pencil topper and let the school prank wars begin! - Edible EOS! This edible school hack is so affordable and delicious. Place a rounded chocolate or candy in an empty EOS container. You can prank you friends by making them believe that you're eating a lip balm. You'll be enjoying a tasty chocolate instead! - I can't get enough of delicious candy belts! This time I show HOW TO sneak lot's of them to school inside a notebook! This prank idea is phenomenal and your DIY school notebook will look amazing too. - DIY Edible glue stick! Rounded sour gummies with a hole in the center are a perfect treat to store in a clean glue stick. This DIY school supplies idea is simple and easy. - Rounded pencil case full of salty bread sticks is what dreams are made of, right?! One of my favorite DIY edible school supplies and a great way to prank your teacher. - A very unique and creative idea to sneak candy in class is hiding small nerd drops into an eraser! This is so convenient, extra sneaky and simply very clever! The teacher will have no idea. - Crunchy gold fish and pretzels are one of my favorite salty snacks! An easy way to sneak them back to school is by hiding them in a pot of paper pins. A perfect DIY edible school hack for when you start to feel a bit hungry during classes. - One of my favorite weird ways to sneak food, drinks in class is coca cola in a pencil case! You can pull so many funny pranks and pranks on your classmates and teachers with this one! - Any pot packaged snacks are very easy to sneak to school in a form of a pencil pot. Just wrap the packaging in some wrapping or crafting paper and you're set! A great way to sneak mini oreos, jelly beans or salty nuts to class. - PEZ candy drops are so tasty and remind me of my childhood. Sneak them in class by hiding them in a notebook. You can smuggle so many in class for you and all your school friends! - Chewy fruity drops are a perfect candy to hide in a box of coloring pencils! Switch up the normal coloring pencils with a shorter version and you get a lot of free space for candy! So smart! - Skittles are small and convenient so sneaking them to school is very easy. Split a pencil pot in two halves with a piece of a cardboard. Now fill one half with pens and pencils and the other half with skittles! - A giant gummy candy belt and hubba bubba are perfect treats to hide in a tape dispenser. This edible school hack is simply genius! - Replace the erasers with meringues on your pencils! You get the most delicious and sneaky pencil toppers ever. Prank your teachers and school friends with your new DIY edible school supplies! If you want your desert to taste even better, squeeze some delightful chocolate sauce on to. Hide the chocolate in a clean non transparent glue bottle. You'll be the funny school prank wars winner for sure! - Take a box of crayons and switch the crayons with chewy candy sticks. Extremely delicious! - Melody lollipops are so fun and you can hide one in your marker! This DIY school supplies idea is so creative ! Hope you like these DIY edible school supplies. Please remember that this video is made for your entertainment only. School is really important so it's better to leave the sweets outside the classroom and listen to the teacher instead. Also healthy diet is the best choice that you can make for yourself. A little treat here and there is completely fine, but a healthy diet is always the best idea! Help me translate this Edible DIY School Supplies Video: Become my Friend & Enter Giveaways :) Instagram: Twitter: Google +: Facebook: Tumblr: Join Nail Art G+ Community: Join DIY G+ Community: Join Comedy and Fun G+ Community: Music from Monstercat: or and Epidemic Sound: Music under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license (

In this video I show how to make decorative baskets of different shapes for desk decoration and organization. You can store your stationery, make up, keys or craft things in them and use them as a beautiful tray for your desk.

I show how to make a heart-shaped basket, gold star-shaped basket and rainbow round basket, that looks like a birthday cake :)

And I start with the most easy – DIY Heart Basket. You will need a piece of cardboard, drinking straws, ribbon, drawing pins and hot glue.
Instead of using drinking straws you can use old useless pencils (just cut them with the knife) or bamboo skewers.
Instead of a ribbon you can use strips of paper or cut your old T-shirt for strips (as I show in the video).
Instead of drawing pins you can use pompoms or beads :)

Measurements! As I used a ribbon 1.5 cm wide – every piece of drinking straw was 5 cm high. I knew I was going to make three laps of ribbon, so I multiplied 1.5 cm by 3 (three laps) and added 5 mm more just to be sure it will be enough space.
These measurements I used for every basket in the video. For example for the star I used 1 cm ribbon, and I wanted to make four “laps” of it. So my drinking straws pieces were 1x4=4 cm each plus 5 mm. So 4,5 cm :)
And the same for the round basket. 1 cm ribbon x 6 laps + 5 mm = 6.5 mm each drinking straw piece.

Make sure you have odd number of drinking straw pieces NOT even! The weaving will not work if you'll have even number of straws. I used 25 straws for the heart-shaped basket.
Just in case :) - odd number is the number that is not a multiple of two. If it isdivided by two the result is a fraction (examples 1, 3, 5, 7, … 21, 23, 25... etc).

What for are drawing pins? They prevent ribbon from slipping off the straws.

About DIY Star Basket. StarBasket lol :) All the same, but I covered the cardboard bottom with a beautiful craft card stock (you can cover it with yellow paper, gold paper or just paint it).
It is much easier to situate straws on the star – for one for every outer corner, for one for every inner corner (so it id 5+5=10 already) and 2 straws between the straw in outer and inner corners. But! If you'll make it as I have just wrote – you'll got even number of straws. So just throw one away ;)

And for the DIY Round Rainbow Basket I used 6 ribbons (width 1 cm each) or different (rainbow) colors. I start weaving this basket as two previous (with the loop for the first straw and going on over-behind-over-behind the whole lap) but secure the end of it for it's start (the straw with the loop). The second ribbon I start to weave from the straw next to the first one and repeat the previous steps. And the third ribbon I star from the first straw – exactly as the first lap. Fourth ribbon – exactly as the second lap. Fifth ribbon – as the first (and third) lap. And the final sixth ribbon – as the second (and the fourth) lap.

Try different shapes – crescent, rainbow (bow), diamond etc. Try different colors of ribbons or paper strips... Get creative!

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