How to make a LIGHT BOX

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DIY LED Lamp with a CONCRETE base (Controlled it with A Mobile App)

DIY wood in CONCRETE LED floor LAMP Use my link and Get a free 30-day trial & download a free title at or text diycreators to 500-500. Sponsored by Audible: View all my plans: Help me make more videos: Find me on Social media Instagram: Facebook: Subscribe & "RING the Bell": Suscríbete a mi canal latino de Youtube: --------------------Materials Used------------------------- LED Wifi Smart Outlet LED Strip: LED Channel and cover Power Adapter Power Switch Rubber Bumper Cement and Play Sand (Local Home center) Wood Glue Water Dimension: (2) Wood Sides 42in(106.68cm)X2.5in(6.35cm) (1) Wood Top (This could vary, this should close up the top end) (1) Wood Inside 39 3/8in(100cm)X1.5in(6.35) Concrete Base 7in(17.78cm)X6in(15.24)X6in(15.24cm) ----------------------- Tools Used--------------------------- Miter Box Bessy Clamps Face Clamp Drill 1/2in Masonry Bit 1/4in Masonry Bit Optional: Table Saw ------------Camera and recording equipment I use ------------ Camera - Mic - Slider My- Kit

DIY Product Photos - Easy, Cheap and Good-looking

Take your own professional-looking product photos using equipment and techniques so easy and affordable it's just ridiculous. Also learn about the art of lighting and how to use it to your advantage. Watch and find out how!

Modern Bench With A FLOATING TOP

I made a modern bench with a floating seat. Use my link to create your own website. To start your free trial and get 10% off your first purchase go to: For more video Subscribe & "RING the Bell": View all my plans Find me on Social media Instagram: Facebook: Help me make more Video: Grab A DIY T-SHIRT: ---------------------------Materials Used------------------- (2) Sheets of 3/4in (19.05mm) plywood (1) 1/2in metal Rod [note: 2in (12.7mm) between the top and leg (2) Top - 58 5/8in X 22 7/16in (1489.1mm X 569.9mm) (4) Legs - 16in X 21in (406.4mm X 533mm) (2) Streacher - 6inX 55 3/4in (152.4mm X 1416.1mm) (6) Metal rods 5in (127mm) Epoxy ---------------------------- Tools Used---------------------- Table Saw - Clamps - Sander - Shop-Vac (dust collection) Glue bottle - Glude Applicator Dust Mask (use promo code diycreators for 10% off) ----------------Camera and recording equipment I use ------- Recording Camera - Nikon D5500 - Mic to record to computer - Mic to Record to the Camera Lighting SD Card Camera Slider Software Adobe Premiere (Video Edit) Adobe Photoshop (Photoshop) Sketchup (3D Modeling software) You can see my complete kit list here

Diy LED Desk Lamp With Concrete Base

Thanks for watching. If you like what I do Support me at View all my plans In this video ill show you step by step how to make this awesome diy lamp now power tools required. Find the written article here Subscribe For More Awesome Videos Lamp Spec - 9 inch Concrete base - Mahogany wood (found in a trash bin) - Not color changing - Adjustable angle - More info coming soon Materials - Led - Wipe-On Poly Finish Clear - Power Supply - joint Nut - Toggle switch - DC Jack (inlet) - Wood glue - Metal flashing - Plexiglas - Screws - Painters tape - Cement and sand mix - Disconnect connectors - Frosted Glass - Black Spray paint - Spray Lacquer Tools - Miter box and saw combo - Clamps - Chisel - -Solder kits - Razor knife - Wire stripper - Volt meter (optional) - Counter sink bit - Wood drill bit - Masonry bit - Tape measure - Drill Find me on Social media Instagram: Facebook: Google Plus: Twitter: Pinterest : If your new to wood working check out this series of videos --------------------------------Limited Tools Videos -------------------------------- If your new to woodworking with little to no tool check out my "Limited Tools Videos (For beginners)" 0. Woodworking for beginners 1. Build A Track Saw LTE 001 2. Circular Saw Cutting Guide | LTE 002 3. How to use the Crosscut & Miter Jig 4.2 In 1 Circular Saw Crosscut & Miter Jig | Limited Tools Episode 003 5.Making Circular Saw Crosscut & Miter Jig The MAX CUT 2 | Limited Tools Episode 003 6.Homemade Table Saw Workstation, Router, Jigsaw and Downdraft Review 7.Homemade Table Saw, Jigsaw, Router Workstation Modular | How to Make

How to Build Coca Cola Spy Gun

How to Build Coca Cola Spy Gun In today's video I show you how to build unusual device - coca cola spy gun! It works on hydraulic and scissor technologies! At first look it seems like a usual coca cola can on your arm, but if you press hidden button it transforms into a cool shooting gadget! You need paper bullets. Full assembly instruction you can fint in this video! Enjoy crafting coca cola spy gun and impress your friends! If you like this video, don't forget to subscribe :) Music: "Essence" Audionautix. Creative Commons Attribution ( "Texas Techno" Audionautix. Creative Commons Attribution (

Today on DIY Creators, I built a photo lightbox.
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-----------------------Materials used-------------------
1. (7) 1 by 2 by 8ft select pine
2. Diffusion fabric
3. Wood filler
4. Wood Glue
5. Get the plans here

------------------------Tools used------------------------
1. Metal square
2. Miter Saw
3. Pocket hole jig
4. Drill and Driver
5. Jawhorse
6. Orbital sander
7. Heat gun
8. Bandy Clamp
9. Bar clamp
10. Staple Gun

--------Camera and Recording Gear and Lighting Kit------

Camera - Nikon D5500 -
Mic to record to computer -
Mic to Record to the Camera
SD Card
Camera Slider

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