खास तरीके से बनी यह मुगलाई गोभी जब भी खाऐंगे इसका स्वाद कभी भूल नहीं पाऐंगे |Special Gobhi Masala

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Aloo Gobhi Spicy Party Style | पार्टी स्टायल आलू गोभी लेकिन कम तेल में बनी

Aloo gobi masala gravy, Aloo gobi halwai style, Shaadi wali aloo gobhi ki sabji, Cauliflower Potato Recipe Ingredients : Peeled Potatoes (छीले हुए आलू ) - 3 (300 gms ) Cauliflower Floret (फूलगोभी ) - 300 gms Tomatoes (टमाटर ) - 2 (200 gms ) Ginger (अदरक ) - 1/2 Inch piece Green Chilies (हरी मिर्च ) - 2 Oil (तेल ) - 2 to 3 tbsp Green Coriander (हरा धनिया ) - 2 to 3 tbsp ( finely chopped) Cumin seeds (जीरा ) - 1/2 tsp Asafoetida (हिंग ) - 1/2 pinch Turmeric powder (हल्दी पाउडर ) - 1/2 tsp Coriander powder (धनिया पाउडर ) - 1 tsp How to make Party style Aloo Gobhi 1. Take peeled potato, kept in water. Cut into pieces. Wash cauliflower florets as well. 2. Turn on flame, heat a pan, add cumin seeds and slightly roast. Add potatoes, cauliflower stir. 3. Add tsp salt, turmeric powder. Stir the spices and roast the sabzi for 2 minutes. 4. Cover and cook it for 5 minutes then stir it. Keep flame minimum. 5. To prepare masala, heat wok, put 2 tbsp oil in wok to heat. When hot add cumin seeds, asafoetida, bay leaves, cinnamon stick, cloves and black pepper. Roast these. 6. Add tomato- green chili - ginger paste to masala. Add red chili powder, coriander powder. Roast the spices, till oil separates from it. 7. After 5 minutes, stir the sabzi. Then cover and cook for few minutes on low flame. Meanwhile Masala is roasted, stir at regular intervals. 8. Check the sabzi. It is cooked for 20 minutes. Masala is cooked too, add water to it. Add salt, ginger juliennes, garam masala some green coriander and mix it. 9. Masala is boiled, Pour the masala and mix with the sabzi, cook for 4 to 5 minutes. Serving : 10. Sumptuous Party style Gobhi Aloo Sabzi is ready.Take out the sabzi in a bowl and relish with your meal. Subscribe for more recipes - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=nishamadhulika For the Best recipes on YouTube, log onto - http://www.youtube.com/nishamadhulika Find us on Facebook at - https://www.facebook.com/nishamadhulika Visit my Hindi Website http://nishamadhulika.com

घर में उपलब्ध सामगरी् से बनाए एेसा परफेक्ट गोभी मुसल्लम/go...

This is a famous Indian dish made from coliflower and indian spices, it is called gobhi mussalam it is perfect and quick recipe if some guest arrived suddenly it is perfect and very tasty recipe to impress anyone https://goo.gl/hyfH2d ber futura kadhai which i have used

Baingan ki sazi-बैगन और बेसन को मिलाकर बनाये ऐसी स्वादिष्ट सब्जी ज...

बैगन और बेसन को मिलाकर बनाये ऐसी स्वादिष्ट सब्जी जिसे सब पल भर में चट कर जाये जी हाँ यकीन मानिए अगर एक बार चख लिया तो ऐसे भरवा बैगन रोज बनाकर खाओगे #Baingan Ki #Sabji #Recipe # Eggplant Recipe Stuffed Baingan ki sabji

Aloo Gobhi Ki Dhaba Style Sabzi - उगलियाँ चाटते रह जाओगे जब खाओगे ये आलू गोभी ...

Aloo Gobhi Ki Dhaba Style Sabzi Learn how to make delicious dhaba style Aloo Gobi an easy veg main course recipe Aloo Gobi, a punjabi delicacy, which is widely made in Indian homes and definitely a delicious side dish recipe which goes really well with chapatis, roti & parathas. Aloo Gobi Sabji Recipe, gobhi aloo ki sukhi sabzi Gobhi aloo ki sukhi sabzi LIKE*********************SHARE****************SUBSCRIBE Aloo Gobi Sabji Recipe Hope you will enjoy the dish ! ▷Find me on other social handles too: ♥ ♥ https://www.facebook.com/Reena-Kitche... ♥ ♥ Twitter: https://twitter.com/reenakitchen ♥ ♥ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reenaskitch... ♥ ♥ For Business Enquiries contact-reenaskitchen4311@gmail.com gobhi aloo ki sukhi sabzi TIP# Get EMAIL notifications of mine newly published awesome content GOTO CLICK on the SETTINGS ICON & Select the CHECK box 'SEND ME ALL NOTIFICATION ....' DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this channel and its videos is for general purposes only and should NOT be considered as professional advice. I always try our best PLZ SUBSCRIBE MY CHANELL REENA KITCHEN POINT THANK U Gobhi aloo ki sukhi sabzi Aloo Gobhi Ki Dhaba Style Sabzi #Spicy Aloo Gobhi Sabji Recipe #Aloo Gobhi Ki Sabji #Gobhi #Sabzi

पार्टी जैसी भिंडी मसाला घर पर आसानी से कैसे बनाये, BHINDI MASALA, Bhin...

पार्टी जैसी भिंडी मसाला घर पर आसानी से कैसे बनाये, BHINDI MASALA, Bhindi ki Sabzi, بھندی کی سبزی Music credit- Life of Riley Music by Kevin MacLeod; Source- http://incompetech.com/ Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Enjoy this very delicious and tasty Special Mugalayi Gobhi. This is a gobhi curry recipe. We can serve it with roti, parantha, tandoori roti or also with naan. This is a very tempting masala gobhi. In taste this is very tasty......👌👌👌👌

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