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ASMR Fast Aggressive Tapping And Scratching On A Salt Lamp

Hi guys! I hope you enjoy today’s video. A fast aggressive tap and scratch session on my salt lamp. Happy Drifting 🌙 Please Subscribe ❤️

Tapping with fake nails

ASMR | 5 fast tapping triggers | plastic, glass, metal, cardboard, wood | whispering

thanks for watching! I hope this video gave you tingles or made you relax. - 2nd CHANNEL: INSTA: PATREON: EMAIL (new): PAYPAL: (donations go to channel and are very appreciated)

ASMR trigger best asmr tingles long nails tapping slime Satisfying video

Put LIKE, subscribe and Repost & Write comments! In video: ASMR trigger best asmr tingles long nails tapping slime Satisfying video. In this video, I made a selection of the best ASMR triggers and visual effects. ASMR trigger: whisper ASMR trigger: tapping & scratching & massage long sharp nails ASMR trigger: the gurgling of water ASMR trigger: ringing of a crystal glass tapping long nails ASMR trigger: The sound of the brushes on the microphone ASMR trigger: Cat licks hands and long nails ASMR trigger: The sound of lighting matches ASMR trigger: Scratching nails the pillow antistress ASMR trigger: The nail sound of the page turning, tapping books ASMR trigger: I click a fountain pen write the text ASMR trigger: I cut with scissors and tear the paper ASMR trigger: Unwinding the paper tape ASMR trigger: Combing long nail my hair with a wooden comb ASMR trigger: Click, poke, stretch, play slime ASMR trigger: I'm pulling Slime on the microphone ASMR trigger: tapping & scratching, cut soap ASMR trigger: Long nails crush, Break Floral foam #asmr #trigger #Slime #nail #longnail #Floralfoam Donate: PayPal Instagram - VK

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Oldie but goldie! Some fast, some superduper fast tapping and intense scratching so many tingles!


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