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Elite Screens M100H - Review

Please Like and Subscribe Amazon - ----------------------------- The M100H is a Manual Projector that spans 100Inches. As far as a projector screen is concerned, it is excellent. The screen is a bright white and the mechanism to pull the screen down is extremely easy to use. So, what does it do that sets it apart from the rest? Well, the screen is designed in a manner, that uses materials that can reflect at or near 100% light back to the viewer. The white Projector part is overlay a black surface, which acts as the border too the screen. What this does, is if your screen leaks to the outer edges, the black will absorb the light. If your projector is configured properly, this won't affect you, but in essence this will make it more comfortable to view your movies. Comparing the screen to viewing on the wall is a huge difference. The reflection of light greatly improves the clarity and how easy it is to view the movie. Honestly, it made using the projector more enticing and enjoyable. One thing, I just have to mention is how well the screen was shipped. It was shipped very securely, as you can see in the video, which is very important. I was very impressed by this. Overall, the easy of use, the ease of install, and the blatant increase of visual clarity makes getting an Elite Screen an easy choice. *Disclaimer: I received this at a discount to review. This is 100% my own Opinion* --------------- Music - Epidemic Sounds

Elite Screens Manual B series unboxing and review

I unbox my new Elite screens 100" series b screen, then I mount the screen and calibrate it with my Optoma HD65 projector

Manual B Series Manual Pull-Down Projection Screen

Elite Screens' Manual B Series projection screen is an ultra affordable, high performance, manual pull-down projection screen for use in the home or business. Coming in multiple sizes from 100 to 200 inches diagonal, as well as being offered in various aspect ratios from 1:1 to 16:10, the Manual B Series is among the more versatile projection screens on the market today. With its integrated mounting solutions (wall, ceiling and suspended) the Manual B Series is as easy to integrate into an environment as it is to use. It's MaxWhite B material also makes the Manual B Series an ideal screen for a wide variety of front projectors -including UltraHD/4K projectors. For more on the Manual B Series Screen visit: To purchase the Manual B Series Screen: or Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

Elite Screens - 100inch Projector Screen Unboxing/Overview

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