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How to Earn $1 Million in Real Estate in 4 Steps with Absolutely NO BUDGET | Monica Carr | TomX 2016

Monica Carr shares how she went from broke to over $1 million in GCI with four simple steps. Inspired by TED Talks, TomX is a collection of short 15-20 minute keynote addresses from some of the brightest minds in real estate that take place before the first day of the Summit. TomX is your chance to experience the life lessons, secrets, and proven methods from top producing agents, CEO’s, luxury agents, ultra successful team leaders, marketing experts, and many other rockstars! Making sure to invest in your learning and join us at SUCCESS SUMMIT! Learn more about Tom Ferry Coaching: Get your FREE Coaching Consultation: Download a FREE copy of my new book "Mindset, Model, and Marketing": ------------ I hope you got some helpful tips and new ideas from this video. To ensure you don't miss all my FREE training videos all you have to do is sign up here with your email: Get a FREE copy of my new book: FREE Agent Resources: Tom Ferry Events: Join Tom's VIP List: ------------- Connect with me on my other social channels: Website - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram - Podcast -

Drawing Conclusions: Is renting really a waste of money?

If you've ever wondered why some people think renting is better than owning, here's the explanation behind how that can be true.

New Agent Advice from 12 Top Real Estate Agents

12 top real estate agents share their words of advice to new agents. These 12 top agents averaged 373 homes sold per year with an average sales volume of $54 million. Each agent answers the question, "If you were to advise a brand new agent just getting into the business, what would you tell them to do first?" This advice could prove more valuable than improper real estate training or real estate coaching.

Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

We asked three centenarians what their most valuable life lessons were, and also their regrets. The conversations that followed were remarkable. They talked about the importance of family, people, relationships and love. Their view on life, as an elderly citizen with a lot of experience is truly an inspiration and motivation. Enjoy the video! Click here to subscribe to LifeHunters: Executive producer: LifeHunters Producer: Marcel IJzerman UK Producer: Anna Snowball Director: Chris de Krijger Script: Marcel IJzerman / Chris de Krijger Camera: Marcel IJzerman Sound recording: Tjeerd Melchers Interviews: Anna Snowball Editor: Marcel IJzerman Sound engineering: Tjeerd Melchers Music: Federico Durand Thanks to: The Birchwood Grange, Cliff Crozier, John Denerley, Emelia Harper, Leslie Masters, Ruby Martin.

OPEN HOUSES - My favorite lead gen activity

You may know me from the door knocking that I do, but I also love open houses for the high quality leads that I get from them...and also the RESULTS. Follow me on Social Media: Facebook - Kenji Ignacio Instagram - Kenji_Ignacio

The most powerful way to make an entrance in this business despite you not knowing the contracts, escrow process, etc. is to go out there and put in the time effort. Let me explain...

When you exhibit undeniable work and effort DAILY, you will have strong belief that you are the one to deserve the listing, the buyer, the closing, etc.

It is brainwashing yourself into thinking that you are the agent that deserves all of it because YOU KNOW with absolute certainty that no one else put in the same time and effort as you did. Go out there, experience that belief yourself, and dominate.

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