How to cook Ekpang Nkukwo

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How to cook Ekpang Nkukwo - Calabar

This is how to cook Ekpang Nkukwo. ▪ Peel, wash and you can either grate or blend the cocoyam. ▪ Pick Your Cocoyam leaves into single segments from the mid ribs and wash free of sand and worm . ▪ Add palm oil to grease and coat the base and side of the pot. ▪ Mix the grated cocoyam with little water and salt. ▪ Mix or beat the mixture properly to incorporate air until mixture is fluffy. ▪ Now scoop a small size of the paste with your fingers and wrap a little at a time, place gently in the pot. Continue wrapping and Place each wrap in the pot laying them properly. ▪ Add the fish, Pomo, Shaki, Stockfish MAGGI, pepper, utazi and periwinkles ▪ Place the pot on fire and add 2 cups of stock/ water around the edge of the pot and allow to cook slowly on low heat until set. ▪ Shake the pot at intervals to loosen the wraps and to prevent burning or sticking to the bottom. ▪ Add some more water and oil if need be and the scent leaves and curry leaves. Continue cooking for 10 minutes. ▪ Use a wooden spoon to stir gently so the Ekpang nkwukwo remains whole. ▪ Taste for salt, correct if necessary and finish up with the Uziza leaves. Stir gently and allow to simmer for 2 minutes. ▪ Serve piping hot.


I love Catfish Peppersoup known as Point and Kill. My trip home to Warri last week refreshed this meal in my memories and I just had to make it. Pepper soup spices are from Delta State so be sure that this recipe is EVERYTHING! Here's a link to the ingredient list & recipe My 6 year blog anniversary Please Click LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! Send me an email, I'd love to read from you (FOR BUSINESS: | My Instagram |My Blog Location: Lagos, Nigeria (Africa) I'm a Nigerian Lifestyle Blogger documenting bits of every other day in my life as a new mom living in Lagos. Sisi Weekly #9 Sisi Weekly #8 Sisi Weekly #7 Sisi Weekly #6 Sisi Weekly #5 Sisi Weekly #4 Sisi Weekly #3 Sisi Weekly #2 : Sisi Weekly #1:

Editan Soup Recipe: How to Cook Delicious Editan Soup

Editan Soup Recipe: How to Cook Delicious Editan Soup Editan soup recipe is a Nigerian vegetable-based soup made with editan leaf, waterleaves, and assorted meat; editan soup is tasty, rich and it is commonly served with semolina, eba, fufu or with pounded yam. Editan soup is a vegetable soup almost similar to Afang soup, the soup specifically originates from the Ibibio people of Akwa Ibom State in South South Nigeria, It is popularly known amongst the Akwa Ibomites. There is more than one variety of editan leaf with varying degrees of bitterness hence; the best way to wash editan leaves to get rid of the bitter taste is to wash severally until the greenish liquid turns clear just like bitter leaves. However, the fastest way to wash editan is drop a little edible potash in a pot, then add the leaves to it and boil for 5 minutes; by boiling these leaves in potash water, the bitter taste is removed without much waste of time. There are two ways of preparing editan soup; you can make editan soup with okra, or cook editan soup with waterleaves; whichever vegetable you combine for this soup, it’s alright and the taste is awesome. However, periwinkles and other seafood are added to make editan soup for volume and texture. Another important ingredient in editan soup is uziza leaves; uziza has this peppery and fantastic flavour especially when added to soups like this, uziza seeds which are usually refer to as ashanti peppers can be substituted with the leaves. This video will show you how to prepare editan soup with waterleaves, please watch to the end and subscribe. Ingredients for cooking editan soup 1 Big bunch of Editan leaves 300g of amount water leaves 1 cup uziza) leaves 1kg of beef meat, goat or assorted meat 1 medium stock fish head 2 Medium size smoked fish or dried fish snails (8 medium size (optional) 3 tablespoons of grounded crayfish 2 Cups of periwinkles 4 Scotch bonnet pepper 25 Cl palm oil 4 Seasoning cubes 1 Ball onion Salt to taste Subscribe to my channel (Onyx Food Hill):

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