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Dinner Diaries – Episode 3 | HelloFresh

It’s episode 3 of #DinnerDiaries and Lynne McGranger and Johnny Ruffo are off to the beach (no, not Summer Bay!). This time they’re meeting the Mores. This busy single mum has 4 energetic kids and her own business to run! How will she go whipping up dinner for our dynamic duo?

Creamy Salmon Pasta with Cherry Tomato Salad | HelloFresh | Family Recipes

Creamy pasta is always a hit with the whole family and along with scrummy salmon and fresh dill this sauce is sure to satisfy. A little helper can assist in chopping cherry tomatoes in half - just watch they don't try to run away on the cutting board!

Superfood Quinoa-The Bad Side Effect of Quinoa and How to Avoid It!

One of our favourite foods for our family is Quinoa. Quinoa is considered by some a Superfood. Its become super-trendy the last few years. Its not really a grain but a sudo-grain that is similar to ancient grains. Its really a seed that is commonly found in South America. Its a complete protein providing all the 8 essential amino acids which is very rare in the plant family. Generally, a complete protein can only be found in animal products. So, its also high in fiber, calcium, magnesium and high in iron. Being in the goosefoot family means it’s more closely related to beetroot, chard and spinach than to cereals. People of South America have been eating this beneficial food for thousands of years. Quinoa sounds perfect!! So what is the problem? The only issue you need to consider that I would like to address is the problem with saponins and your intestines. So, what is Saponins? |Quality Quino Brands| 1. Alter Eco Fair Trade Rainbow Quinoa, 14-Ounce (Pack of 2) ($19.95) 2. TruRoots Organic Quinoa 100% Whole Grain Premium Quality, 4 lbs ($16.99) 3. TruRoots Organic Quinoa 100% Whole Grain Premium Quality, 4 lbs (Pack of 2) ($31.99) 4. Viva Naturals - The FINEST Organic Quinoa, 100% Royal Bolivian Whole Grain, 4 LB Bag ($18.99) Don’t forget to like and subscribe at WatzUp Today! Instagram: Youtube:

How to Bulk Cook Quinoa (in the Oven!) and Freeze it for Later

FULL TUTORIAL: This video is brought to you by Bob's Red Mill. All opinions are my own. Learn how to make quinoa in bulk in the oven, and freeze it up for later uses. Such an awesome meal prep tip! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See more of me here: My Blog: Snapchat: wholefully Instagram- Facebook- Pinterest-

Dinner Diaries – Episode 2 | HelloFresh

Lynne McGranger and Johnny Ruffo are back with episode 2 of #DinnerDiaries. Our talented duo may be professionals in front a camera, but how will they go in the kitchen? Will they get the seal of approval from dietitians, Anna and Alex? This is Episode 2 of our fun series, #DinnerDiaries. Join Lynne McGranger and Johnny Ruffo as they travel around visiting Australian households to find out what they’re cooking for dinner, with the help of HelloFresh.

We've all enjoyed quinoa, that nutrient rich, protein packed wonder food in restaurants and at fancy brunches. But what about preparing it at home?

How to cook quinoa couldn't be simpler really! It's all about a little time, a lot of seasoning and following the method.

Now, how about a recipe to complete your home cooked superfood? Find some inspiration here:

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