How do I learn fast in real estate?

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How to Start a Speech

Check out my TED talk (coming up to 400k views): "The Discipline of Finishing: Conor Neill at TEDxUniversidaddeNavarra" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- I am Conor Neill. I teach. I share tips. I ask questions. I'm a member of EO, President of Vistage in Spain and teach at IESE Business School. Shout out if you've been there or done that ;-) on on on I'd love you to subscribe. My best ideas for videos come from your questions. What is your struggle? Subscribe for my new educational videos: Watch this video and more in the "Develop Your Speaking Skills" Playlist: I have been teaching Persuasive Communications on MBA courses at IESE Business School for 10 years. This is part of a collection of short lessons compiled from my courses and shared for use both as a support to my classes, and a way of sharing this valuable knowledge to a wider audience via these awesome digital tools ;-) Visit my channel for more videos: Subscribe to receive new videos in your feed: What are the first words of a speech? What should be the first sentence of a speech? How can you engage an audience from the first moment? There are 3 ways to start a speech.

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5 Things NOT to Do When Buying Your First Home

Avoid these 5 costly mistakes when you buy your first home! I explain a few ways to make your purchase go more easily.

How To Start Your Speech (3 excellent openings)

As a speaker or presenter, you barely have 30 seconds to convince your public to listen to you; afterwards, it's almost impossible to change their mind. You'll find here three types of speech openings to hook your audience, followed three examples of speech beginnings (TED: Richard St. John, Simon Sinek et Jamie Oliver) that catch attention in an effective way.

How To Become A Property Developer

3 pieces of advice on how to become a property developer. If you dream of making money from property development then this video is for you. To find more videos, blogs and more about getting started in property development head over to:

I find that the fastest way to learn something is by being in a situation where you are forced to learn and perform a certain activity. This occurs through having someone or something give you the pressure to act.

We do more for other people than we do for ourselves. This principle can be applied to your own education for your own benefit. Let other people place pressure on you to learn something important.

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