How do I learn fast in real estate?

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How To Become An Estate Agent

How about a career as a residential estate agent? In this video, The Recruitment Guy (Graham Martin) interviews James Luton Director at Lanes Estate Agents in Hertford. We find out what it takes to become a successful estate agent, the reality behind the glamour, the hours, the commission and what is REALLY important to them.

How To Get A Job As An Estate Agent

Graham Martin, The Recruitment Guy explains strategies and tactics for obtaining a job as an estate agent.


I've been accused of a lot of things in my career....but this has to take the cake. On the 29th of November this year it will be 27 years Clean and Sober. Because someone is intense, speaks fast, lazer focused and upbeat, it doesn't mean there on the NOSE CANDY ! just sayin - And just because you drive a Ferrari doesn't mean you take drugs !

The Duties of a Real Estate Administrative Assistant - Brian Icenhower explains the job description of a real estate agent's administrative assistant & how these duties should be divided into separate roles as the real estate team adds new hires with increased productivity.

A Day In The Life Of... An Estate Agent

Promo video made from sequence of sill photographs, played in quick succession. Made on commission for Coopers Residential, successful estate agents in Ruislip area. Idea is to show a day in the life of the estate agent, showing how human they are... Music by Curious feat: Lea Herman, From Triple Scoop Music

I find that the fastest way to learn something is by being in a situation where you are forced to learn and perform a certain activity. This occurs through having someone or something give you the pressure to act.

We do more for other people than we do for ourselves. This principle can be applied to your own education for your own benefit. Let other people place pressure on you to learn something important.

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