How to make 433MHz QCZEK LRS Moxon antenna V2 (tuned)

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DIY 433 MOXON Antenna

things to print : If you want to make your own holder have a look on this online calculator for dimentions :

Moxon Mini Peilantenne selber bauen - antenna with directivity home made

Einfach zu bauende Antenne mit Richtwirkung. Hier für 403 Mhz berechnet zum Auffinden von Wettrballons, Wettersonden. ---------------------------- Software (PC/Mac) Big Moxon ---------------------------- Easy to buld home made antenna with directivity. Here calculated for hunting weather balloons, radiosondes.

Low-noise Vertical MW BCB DX'ing Antennas

This is a video showing the three low-noise vertical antennas I use for MW and LW DX'ing on my small suburban lot. They are based on designs by Dallas Lankford and others and adapted to the conditions of my QTH. I phase these antennas when DX'ing MW using a Quantum Phaser to null out noise or strong local/regional stations. They are also all quite stealthy and have very low to no visibility. Corrections: 1) I mention in the video that the telescoping fiberglass mast sections are from Universal Radio. They are actually from DX Engineering and come in various diameters. 2) Also the diagram at the beginning indicates antenna lengths of "27 or 35 ft". It should say "27 or 30 ft". The number 35 is the approximate total height for the 30 ft antenna and wire to ground rod. 3) I mention I use a #2 solid copper grounding wire. I actually use a #10 solid copper grounding wire.

prosta antena do odbioru naziemnej TV cyfrowej

- działa już 1 m nad ziemią - na działkę, łódkę ,kemping ,itp. Drut stalowy 600 mm/1,5-2mm-płytka wzmacniacza , zasilacz. (antenna for digital TV receivers analog signal ) Mirek Sakowicz - 4 kanały KANAŁ 1­=0 KANAŁ 2­d KANAŁ 3­d 4 KANAŁ PRYWATNY - musisz potwierdzić chęć otrzymywania filmów

#118 LoRa / LoraWAN: How far does it really reach? How far the "normal" RFM69HW? (Range)

In this video I drive my car and test the range of LoRa and a RFM69HW module. How far do they reach? Dragino Shield: RFM69HW: Whisper Nodes: If you want to support the channel and buy from Banggood: (no additional charges for you)

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