VIPKid Jobs: How to Get Hired FAST

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VIPKID: How I prepare for lessons!

This video is about how I prep for short notices, trials, and master classes. I didn't even try to edit this video... so you get all of my mistakes, tongue twists, and crazy looks lol--- it's 10pm and I've taught 75 6th graders all day!


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VIPKID Tips for passing the interview (and even your Mocks!) + a BONUS for my referrals :)

This video was made specifically for all my recent friends who've started the interview process for VIPKID! Of course, any and all are welcome to watch and I'm happy to answer questions. :) (How do I get a better still of this video is MY most pressing question at this time! EEK!) FIXED IT- YAY!!! My referral link: PLEASE NOTE! When I speak of TPR in the video I am explaining it in the way you will be using it during the hiring process. In REAL teaching life there is a lot more to TPR and that involves getting the student to move and RESPOND to you (hence the name "Total Physical Response"). But that's another topic for another time. ;)

VIPKID FEEDBACK 101! How to leave GREAT feedback! Tips from a teacher in China!

This video is for those who are interviewing & hoping to be hired soon, AND new & current VIPKID teachers. I'm sharing my feedback tips that come straight from a teacher in China! Check out the video to see what works best when it comes to leaving feedback that will translate well!

VIPKID: Everything a Newbie Needs To Know

VIPKID Everything a Newbie Needs to Know: Paycheck, Incentives, Cancelations, Late Students, Contacting Firemen. IF YOU HAVE FOUND MY VIDEOS HELPFUL Please feel free to return the love and apply with my Teacher Recruitment Portal link: -OR- If you have already started the interview process, you can email our education department ( ) letting them know Jennifer D Anderson referred you and attach my Referral Code: 02250Q along with my email address Email: Instagram: Facebook: VIPKID Props Group:

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