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Porsche PDK vs Manual Transmission

Take a closer look at the advantages of both the PDK dual-clutch transmission and the manual transmission options in the Porsche 911. My videos are for entertainment only. Find me on FB here Find me on Twitter here Find me on Instagram here You can send me stuff to: P. O. Box 31 Southport CT 06890 My email address is

Porsche 911 991.2 GTS MANUAL Review - Have Porsche Ruined Their Greatest Hit?

Love it or loathe it, the 911 is an iconic car. As it happens, I quite like the 911. Especially the 993 and 996/997. However, with the 991 the car has grown quite a bit, got a lot more expensive and now the entire range has become turbocharged. I really, really shouldn't like it. It's everything I say I don't like in modern cars. But Porsche Colchester arranged for me to try this brand new 991.2 GTS with the 7-speed manual gearbox. Will I like it, or have Porsche ruined a classic recipe? If you've enjoyed this video, please follow my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds for unique behind-the-scenes features not seen on YouTube! And if you LOVE driving, and are based in Europe, I am now running an events and track day company called Magnitude - sign up for their newsletter here!

2017 Porsche 911 GTS, Manual - One Take

The new Porsche 911 GTS offers an incredible blend of performance, comfort, and daily usability. With a 450-horsepower Twin-Turbo 3.0L Flat Six, now with upgraded turbos, the GTS offers the performance of the older 997 Turbo S in a more usable, composed package. It also features wider bodywork in all GTS models, not just the AWD models, both 7-speed manual and PDK gearboxes, and the center-lock wheels and brakes from the 911 Turbo model. FULL DISCLOSURE: Porsche provided round trip transportation and accommodations in Lake Tahoe, three meals, and the vehicle + insurance to facilitate this review.

2017 Porsche 911 Carrera Review with my Fiancé (SUPER Impressive!)

Reviewing a 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera with a surprise appearance from my Fiancé! HUGE Thanks to Parkway Chevrolet in Tomball, Tx for allowing me to review this awesome machine! Be sure to ask for David Croft if you're in the market for a new or used car/truck! Car Cleaning Discounts: Save 15% on your Adams Polishes order with the code "RPPRODUCTIONS" Dash Cam Discounts: Save $15 on orders over $250 from BlackBoxMyCar with the code "RP Production" at checkout via the link: Car Tints Discounts: Save 15% on your Luxe Auto Concepts order with the code “RP_Productions” via the link: T-Shirt Discounts: Save 15% on your BecauseRaceCarStore T-Shirt order with the code “RP Productions” Follow me on Snapchat at: RP_Productions Follow me on Instagram at: Follow me on Facebook at:

Porsche Carrera 991.2 POV Drive (Manual)

POV of a base Carrera. With "just" 370HP this thing is quick and best of all the driving experience is just second to none. It is a true sports car! Follow me on Instagram: Check out Capital Eurocars' Inventory here!

You likely know what GTS means in Porsche-speak, but the “tl;dr” explanation is that it’s a rear-wheel-drive Carrera S with 30 more horsepower, aggressive visual mods, and all the tasty performance options baked into the wider Carrera 4 body at a nicer price than ordering everything individually. As with all 911s, there’s incredible fidelity to every interface, including brakes so controllable it feels as if you can scrub off speed in increments of tenths of a mile per hour, plus communicative, accurate steering that’s responsive to single degrees of lock. From 70 mph, the binders can have you stationary in 141 feet, and the GTS clings to the road surface with 1.06 g’s of lateral grip, enough to draw the wax from your ears. All this and the car remains a comfortable daily companion, never feeling twitchy and with a ride that never punishes, seats that never cause fatigue, and luxurious materials nearly everywhere you look or touch. We wouldn’t mind a better cupholder that could properly secure our morning coffee during speed runs, but no car is perfect.

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