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2018 Chevrolet Camaro vs. 2018 Dodge Challenger Comparison

A latecomer to the pony car derby, the Challenger entered the starting gate in 1970, and ran only through the 1974 model year. The Challenger name was revived for the renewed muscle car segment in 2008, a year before Chevrolet returned to the game with an all-new Camaro, ending a 7-year absence. Re-engineered from the ground up, the Camaro rolled back onto the playing field with the best chassis of the pony car revivalists, whereas the Challenger’s foundations date to the mid-1990s, with Mercedes augmentations during the Chrysler-Daimler-Benz alliance, which concluded in 2007. As a consequence, the Camaro is the agility champ among the modern muscle cars, and best suited to track day outings, especially when equipped with handling packages and upgrade engines. Bigger and heavier than Camaro, the Challenger isn’t as quick on its feet. But it’s a bit roomier, with more cargo space, and an inventory of optional megapower V8 engines. While the Camaro’s specifications and features are unchanged for the current model year, a number of updates are scheduled when the 2019 models reach showrooms this fall. #reviewtocar

Toyota Yaris vs Volkswagen Vento: Specifications Comparison

The Yaris is the more expensive car here. It is priced between Rs 8.75 lakh and Rs 14.07 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The Vento (petrol) on the other hand is priced between Rs 8.42 and Rs 12.54 lakh (ex-showroom pan-India). Clearly, it’s the Yaris that is more feature-rich in its entry-level variants. Availability of automatic transmission in all variants further makes the package attractive as even the lower variants are relatively well loaded. Top it up with Toyota’s unmatched after-sales service and the Yaris becomes a good pick for those who’re just entering the big sedan league. The Vento’s top variants are less expensive than the Yaris’ and are competitive on the features list as well. Its turbo-petrol motor should be the more exciting one to drive with the DSG. If you’re going to keep the car for a period that doesn’t extend beyond the manufacturer’s warranty cycle, the Vento can deliver great value, even keeping in mind that it could be the more expensive vehicle to maintain in the long run. #reviewtocar

Mercedes-Benz S-Class vs BMW 7 Series: Real-World Performance Comparison

It’s the battle of the limousines! While these luxury sedans are packed to the brim with features, they do not compromise on the performance part at all either. In fact, the Mercedes-Benz S350d and the BMW 730Ld that we tested pack enough firepower to even put some sports cars to shame. But how do the two luxury juggernauts fare against each other? We put both through a series of tests and here are the results. The 7 Series is slightly faster to the ton and will be quicker by a tenth of a second under kickdown from 20kmph when you’re overtaking. BMW’s eager steptronic transmission plays a huge part in its victory on this front. The BMW doesn’t stop there as it is also the frugal one out of the two, even if the difference is a marginal half a kilometre to a litre whether it’s out on the highway or negotiating city traffic. These are no drastic differences but a win is a win and it’s the 7-Series that gets first blood. It goes without saying that both the cars are fitted with advanced braking setups. The ‘S’ is fitted with ventilated disc brakes upfront and solid discs at rear while the ‘7’ gets solid disc brakes on all wheels. But it’s still the BMW that takes top honours here. The numbers suggest that the 730Ld is as fast in dropping anchor as it is in gathering pace. #reviewtocar

2018 Honda Pilot vs. 2018 Ford Explorer Comparison

Honda Pilot Advantages Updated more recently, with an improved navigation system. Honda Collision Sensing Suite with lane departure and collision warnings, active cruise control and lane-keep assist. Third row is larger and easier to access. Ford Explorer Advantages Its Safe and Smart safety technology package with Adaptive Cruise, Cross Traffic Alert and Active Park Assist that parks and unparks the Explorer by itself. A handsfree liftgate. Three engine choices and five trim levels. New onboard Wi-Fi. #reviewtocar

Toyota Yaris CVT vs Hyundai Verna Automatic vs Honda City CVT – Real-World Performance Compared

The slowest car to accelerate is also the slowest to halt – the Yaris. And it’s surprising too because it’s the only car in this test that gets disc brakes all around whereas the other two get them at the front only (drums at the rear). All three cars are packed with anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD). It takes 3.37 seconds for the Yaris to completely stop from 100kmph and it does it in 43.61m. The Hyundai Verna does the same in 2.96s, but covers 42.19 metres of ground. The City takes the second spot at 3.20 seconds but manages to be the best in terms of distance it takes to stop – 41.14m. That is nearly 1m less distance than the Verna & over 2m than the Yaris! The braking distance is a crucial factor when it comes to avoiding collisions under emergency braking. #reviewtocar

You likely know what GTS means in Porsche-speak, but the “tl;dr” explanation is that it’s a rear-wheel-drive Carrera S with 30 more horsepower, aggressive visual mods, and all the tasty performance options baked into the wider Carrera 4 body at a nicer price than ordering everything individually. As with all 911s, there’s incredible fidelity to every interface, including brakes so controllable it feels as if you can scrub off speed in increments of tenths of a mile per hour, plus communicative, accurate steering that’s responsive to single degrees of lock. From 70 mph, the binders can have you stationary in 141 feet, and the GTS clings to the road surface with 1.06 g’s of lateral grip, enough to draw the wax from your ears. All this and the car remains a comfortable daily companion, never feeling twitchy and with a ride that never punishes, seats that never cause fatigue, and luxurious materials nearly everywhere you look or touch. We wouldn’t mind a better cupholder that could properly secure our morning coffee during speed runs, but no car is perfect.

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