What to do if you put petrol (gasoline) in a diesel car | Auto Expert John Cadogan

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Why Don't Small Turbo Engines Get Good Gas Mileage? (Real World) Mazda's Secret To Efficient Turbos - https://youtu.be/nxVOyL4r7Qc EE Shirts! - http://bit.ly/2BHsiuo Recommended Books & Car Products - http://amzn.to/2BrekJm Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday! - https://goo.gl/VZstk7 In attempts to improve fuel economy, many companies are choosing to downsize and turbocharge engines. These small turbo engines tout the power of larger engines, but with much better fuel efficiency. You may notice however, your real world fuel economy may not always match up with the EPA numbers provided on the vehicle's monroney sticker. Why is this? Well while downsized turbos do have many advantages, such as less moving parts, less weight, better packaging, lower frictional losses, and lower pumping losses, once the vehicles start to get into boost, that efficiency can be significantly lower. This video will discuss fuel enrichment and why it's necessary for high boost engines in order for them to run reliably. Engineering Explained is a participant in the Amazon Influencer Program. Don't forget to check out my other pages below! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/engineeringexplained Official Website: http://www.howdoesacarwork.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jasonfenske13 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/engineeringexplained Car Throttle: https://www.carthrottle.com/user/engineeringexplained Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/engineeringexplained EE Extra: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsrY4q8xGPJQbQ8HPQZn6iA NEW VIDEO EVERY WEDNESDAY!

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Hyundai i30 N review (road & track test) Australia | Auto Expert John Cadogan

I30 N kills GTI because it offers superior performance at a lower price point. It’s that simple. More grunt for less cash. Maybe not as elegant. Certainly not as minimalist in the styling, no heritage to speak of, and no runs on the board in this domain, but if it’s performance that gets you across the line, objectively, you cannot field a compelling argument for GTI superiority. Check out this review on the web: https://autoexpert.com.au/posts/hyundai-i30-n-review-road-and-track-test Hyundai i30 N specs and pricing in detail: https://autoexpert.com.au/posts/hyundai-i30-n-volkswagen-golf-gti-killer The e-diff and the rev matching - brilliant. And it’s very forgiving at the limit. You don’t have to be race-competent to enjoy driving one on a track, but if you are, you’ll love it. This is an exceptionally rewarding, fun performance car. The ESC - in sport+ mode - it’s hardly restrictive. It hands you a lot of rope. Like all performance cars, if you’re a Muppet and you crash, it’s not going to be a slow one. Obviously, being manual-only, that’s going to turn some people away. The in-cabin noises are … they’d say ‘enhanced’; I’d say fake. So I was philosophically pre-wired to hate them. But they actually sound pretty good. Certainly they don’t sound fake - and I guess that’s the acid test of a good fake in every domain: watches, handbags, breasts and now in-cabin ambience… The exhaust crackle from the bimodal exhaust. It serves absolutely no purpose … except that it makes you smile every time. And I guess that’s enough. Maybe that’s just a character flaw… I’ll add it to the list. However - and this is a big ‘however’ - I’d stop short of saying the i30 N is a better car than an i30 SR or a Mazda3 SP25 Astina. Better is the wrong word. It’s better if you want a performance car. But if you just want a reasonably sporty car with a bunch of refinement and packed luxury features - the other two are going to be better for you. In other words, there’s no perfect car, and a lot of the choice is about you. Don’t get talked into an i30 N on the showroom floor, purely on the premise of ‘top of the range equals best’. If you want all the premium features and you’re not gagging to drive around corners on the limit, an i30 SR is going to be better for you. And it’ll save you some cash. Finally, the glace cherry on the icing on the cake of the Golf GTI’s funeral is this: It’s cool to review cars. It’s cool to be given exclusive access to a race track when a carmaker wants to prove a point. At the media launch in Australia, Hyundai hired the Winton race circuit and invited the press to drive really really fast, and not crash. It’s generally a meaningless stunt when carmakers do this. Because the minute you do this, as an owner, you void the warranty. In researching this aspect of the report I’ve been told several car companies in Australia enthusiastically monitor Facebook and other social mediums solely for the purpose of compiling a database of track users. This data is then used to deny warranty claims. And to me, it seems unethical to release a car with track-type aspirations, and market those aspirations to get you across the line, and then operate in this way, under the radar. In short, it’s a mongrel act. Hyundai tells me - in writing - that if you take your i30 N to a track, your warranty will survive. Hyundai says as long as it’s a non-competition event, which I take to mean a race, broadly, then (Hyundai says) there will not be a Spanish Inquisition on a warranty claim following you driving it like you stole it, for kicks, in a safe, controlled environment, which (as you’ve seen) can be quite therapeutic. They tell me they will even honour the warranty if you put a set of track performance-oriented tyres on the car, for even more grippy goodness. Try getting a commitment like that out of Volkswagen. Best thing about the i30 N is you can drive it to the track, blow out the cobwebs without breaking it, emerge like an inverted James Bond martini (stirred but not shaken) and drive it home - without carrying a trailer full of spare parts, or even touching a spanner. If you’re the kind of sick, twisted deviant who enjoys that kind of thing, I feel your pain. What a terrible affliction.

This is a dead-easy mistake to make - especially if you are new to diesel. And it can cost you an arm and a leg. Worst-case scenario: you’ll be on the hook for $10,000-$15,000.

Diesel engines use very precise high pressure pumps to amp up the pressure in the fuel rails to about 2000 atmospheres. This seems excessive, but the extreme pressure is needed for injector control in the millisecond domain.

Very precise cam-type fuel pumps are used. Unfortunately, they need the lubricating properties of diesel fuel to function and survive. Petrol has lots of interesting properties; lubricity is not one of them.
So the hardened steel faces on the cams disintegrate, and the metal fragments travel quickly downstream where they lodge in the microscopic holes of the piezoelectric fuel injectors, destroying them, too.

This is a five-figure mistake. Everything downstream of the high-pressure pump needs to be replaced. Everything upstream, including the fuel tank, needs to be cleaned out.

So my strong advice is: Don’t do that, ever. Carmakers should do a far better job warning about this danger. And, frankly there’s no reason a system could not be contrived in which it was impossible to put the square peg of a petrol nozzle into the round hole of the diesel receptacle.

As things stand, it’s up to you to get this right.

If you become aware you have done this, before re-starting the vehicle, do not start it. Not even a bit. Not even to get it away from the pump and into a parking bay nearby. Not even if Ahh-poo gets very very angry indeed.

Conscript some cheerleaders - in the spirit of equality - to help you push the vehicle out of the way, if it’s really necessary. You’ll be getting your car towed from here.

In this case it will most likely be possible to clean out the tank and the low-pressure part of the fuel system, and the cost won’t be prohibitive. Do not start the vehicle. If you do, things will get rapidly worse.

If you have started the vehicle, and you become aware of this error, shut it down urgently. Obviously don’t stop anywhere dangerous, because it’s not worth dying for. But make getting safely shut down a real priority. Arrange a tow. You might dodge a bullet here … one never knows.

And if you’ve been greeted with deafening silence already - you’ll be getting a tow from here on in, too. And brace for impact, because it’s probably going to be expensive.

Obviously, one place you might want to have the vehicle towed is the dealership - but they do tend to rub their hands together at this point, not to mention line up 100 industro-spec Dyson vacuums and anticipate eagerly the commencement of docking procedures with your bank account.

Nothing a dealer likes more than the sniff of desperation in the air…
So you might want to have the vehicle towed home and spend a few hours on the phone investigating repair options near you. Specialist diesel repairers near you might be able to do the job substantially more cheaply than the dealer. Certainly, get more than one cost estimate.

It’s still going to be expensive, but there’s less likelihood you’ll need to use the onsite defibrillator with an independent workshop. But you do want a diesel specialist, because this is a technically demanding job.
I cannot stress enough the advantages of prevention over cure here. Measure twice and cutting once when it comes to re-fuelling a diesel - especially if you’re new to diesel.

And look, if you mis-fuel the other way around by putting diesel in a petrol car, it’s probably not going to be hell on earth in quite the same way - that’s a mistake that you can generally clear up for under $1000.

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