Emotions - Do they control you?

Author channel Kenji Ignacio   10 мес. назад

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The most powerful way to make an entrance in this business despite you not knowing the contracts, escrow process, etc. is to go out there and put in the time effort. Let me explain... When you exhibit undeniable work and effort DAILY, you will have strong belief that you are the one to deserve the listing, the buyer, the closing, etc. It is brainwashing yourself into thinking that you are the agent that deserves all of it because YOU KNOW with absolute certainty that no one else put in the same time and effort as you did. Go out there, experience that belief yourself, and dominate. Follow me on Social Media: Facebook - Kenji Ignacio Instagram - kenji_ignacio

Why hire a Realtor who knocks on your door?

As someone who is in the trenches daily when it comes to the old school methods of prospecting, I can tell you that there are great benefits to hiring an agent who does this... There are so many other factors that would play into why someone hires an agent, but finding an agent who is hard at work as a first impression is a great starting point.

Tracking Numbers and Planning for 2019

How do businesses operate in the most efficient and productive way possible? It's all in the numbers... We've all heard the saying that numbers don't lie. So if that's the case, why not use the numbers in our favor to help us gain CLARITY and PURPOSE in our actions? Proper planning and execution requires an understanding of what is most effective, so start tracking those numbers to power through Q1 of 2019.

June 2018 - Breakthrough Month!

The time and effort put into my business is beginning to unravel as I start to work with more people in assisting their real estate goals. You must trust the process, and while it may seem hard in the beginning, you will be rewarded with your commitment.

Why are Salespeople Important?

Without us salespeople (or consultants for those who dislike "sales"), buyers and sellers would hardly come together on terms that involve such big stakes. Without us, buyers and sellers wouldn't be able to see a perspective based on logic rather than emotion, and we all know that humans make many errors based on emotions. It is our job to guide our clients to make the best decision possible, and that requires proper sales and negotiation skills. Follow me on social: IG - kenji_ignacio FB - Kenji Ignacio

One of the mistakes that I made when I was newer in the business was letting my emotions control my thoughts and actions. Don't let that happen in your business and in your life.

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