Tips on How to Getting Lenders Fast Approval

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Getting a loan approval can be such a nerve-wracking wait-and-see game. There’s a lot at stake and not getting a loan approval could very well mean that the realization of a longtime real estate dream is facing a huge financial roadblock. Here are important steps you need to follow to ensure your loan can be approved without problems.

Hi Glen Gallucci here with Peak Properties. Today's killer tip of the week is going to be on how to get your deals approved quickly by your lender. Don't go away.

Hey we're back with the killer tip of the week on how to get your lender to prove your deals quickly. First thing is make sure you're very accurate on your after repair value. That's the ARV.

The tip number two is make sure you show them what the loan to value on the project is.

For the third tip is to make sure you have a good scope of work. A complete scope of work and better yet, a detailed scope of work. Looking to fund your deals and you need even a little help, you might want to come check us out at

My name is Glen Gallucci and we'll see you there.

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