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How to Polish Nails | Perfect Polish Application

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Watch me Work | Almond Acrylic Nails | Easy Dream Catcher Nail Art | Cat Eye Gel Polish | Infill

Hey lovelies, My Watch me Work video today is on these long Almond Nails. Using MadamGlam Cat Eye gel polish and a simple and very easy but yet still this set is extremely Gorgeous hand painted step by step dream catcher Nail art design. Enjoy 😘 LOVE this set add this 😴💤 to your comments below Don't forget to Like 👍🏾 Comment 📝 Share 📲📱💻 SUBSCRIBE 🚨👇🏼 Keep safe and see you soon. xoxo BeGlamorous Nails ➡️ Products mentioned:- MadamGlam link to purchase:- Enter this 30% coupon code at check out: taylor30 📱 Connect with Me On: * TWITTER: * INSTARGRAM: * FACEBOOK: 📧 If you are wish to contact me for Product Review please do not hesitate to contact me at: 🔥 PRODUCT LINKS & COUPON CODES ➡ My favorite Brush #12 oval ➡️ MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Dryer - Smart Nail Lamp Mixed LED UV Light: ➡️ MadamGlam link to purchase:- Enter this 30% coupon code at check out: taylor30 No Wipe Gel Top- ➡️ 3Way Drill Bit: ➡️ 10% OFF coupon code TDAK31 ➡️ Enjoyours 10% off coupon code "BEL10 💡DISCLAIMER All the products used in this Video were either brought by me or given to me as a gift. I'm NOT getting paid any money for promoting any products shown in my Videos. Each Video Is My Own Creation Or Idea. 🎶 Music Provided © All NCS releases are free to be used and monetised by independent content creators on video content on YouTube & Twitch, without the fear of any Content ID or copyright claims. When you are using this track, please add this in your description: Track: NIVIRO - You [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream:

How to: Vegan Cruelty-Free Nail Extensions | Dimension Nails | Gel Not Acrylic

Vegan Cruelty-Free Always Today I'm going to show you guys how I like to do gel extensions. Doing gel extensions is very easy to do and takes little time. When doing gel extensions it's easy using only a nail file to shape if you don't have an electric file. Gel is also self leveling making it a little easier to use than acrylics. I hope you enjoy this video on how to do gel extensions and if you would like to see the products I'm using the links are below for you guys. Enjoy! Thanks for watching! DAY SLAYER GEL: HOME PAGE:

Polygel Dupes and Where to find them Pt9: Elite 99

The purpose of this video series is to help those of us out there with limited funds find dupes that are worth our time and money. I will endeavor to be 100% honest with my opinion and recommendations’. If you have used any of the brands seen in this or other videos and have had a different experience with it. Please, feel free to mention that in the comments. I find it helpful to hear what you think and I am sure that others will as well. Just remember to be respectful, I am only trying to help. Thank you for taking the time to watch my videos. Elite 99 $7.05: Silicone Tool set $7.99: Gelish Top It Off $14.96: Use code MOONLIT on for 10% off (not an affiliate code) My faves! Top Coat $4.25: Nail art mat $5.99: Jojoba oil (for cuticles) $13.97: Soy Polish Remover $11.99: FOLLOW me on social media: Instagram: Twitter: Email: Music: No Bars by japin0 & Yunga Sound Effect from : *Disclaimers* (yes, plural. Multiple disclaimers!) 1. I am not a professional. My opinions are that of an amateur who enjoys doing her nails at home. (I hate that I have to add this because I think it is fairly obvious. But it is relevant information and important.) 2. I don’t want you guys to hurt yourselves. Please, read and follow the instructions given with any product you buy that you are unfamiliar with. 3. I am in no way sponsored by any of the brands used in this video. Seriously, I don’t have that many subscribers. No one is going to pay me for my opinion. My opinion is not for sale…but make me an offer (That was sarcasm, in case you were wondering). The links that I provide are not affiliate links. They are just links to the sites where I purchased the products in the video. (Unless they were sold out on that site, then I try to provide a secondary link.)

ModelOnes NEW (Traveler) Gel Polish Set & Top & Base Gel Review

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50 Heavenly Gel Nail Design Ideas to Fancy Up Your Fingers
Gel nail designs have risen in the ranks, becoming one of the most popular artificial nail applications. There are a plethora of nail designs to choose from including understated, simple designs that exude classic elegance or trendy, high voltage colors and shapes that will tantalize your tips. Regardless of your preferred design aesthetic, you are sure to fall in love with these best nail styles of 2018.

50 Dazzling Ways to Create Gel Nail Designs to Delight

Gels have recently become the hottest nail trend to hit the beauty scene. They are a terrific alternative to other fake nail applications. Acrylic nails can be extremely damaging to the natural nails, leaving them weak, brittle, prone to breakage, and peeling worse than an onion. While gels are a nail enhancement, meaning they are applied to the natural nail, they do not produce the same damage.

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