Karimun Jawa holiday trip with Backpacker FunJava (sea tour) - Part 2

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Karimun Jawa (Tips Wisata) HD

Tips Wisata ke Karimun Jawa. View under water Karimun Jawa terbaik bisa Anda saksikan disini ! Di tengah tayangan Anda akan mendapatkan tips wisata ke Karimun Jawa yang bermanfaat. Temukan juga teknik baru dalam memancing, yang kami sebut dengan sebutan "MANCING NGINTIP" Semua yang kami tangkap disini kami lepaskan kembali ke habitatnya, agar keindahan alam tetap terjaga. Satu-satunya Video Professional Jelajah Karimun Jawa dengan suasana Family Gathering dari sebuah Perusahaan Terkemuka di Indonesia. Anda juga dapat melihat produk-produk dari perusahaan kami di: 1. www.arumanisrainbow.com 2. www.aloharainbowdrink.com 3. www.galaxypertamini.com 4. www.ice-story.com Selamat menikmati tayangan kami. Grow Time-to-Time, RAINBOW TV


Vlog traveling ke Pulau Karimunjawa; menceritakan perjalanan dan tips cara hemat liburan di pantai dan laut. Keindahan Karimunjawa yang mempesona dunia dapat disaksikan di video ini.

Berapa Budget Untuk SOLO TRAVELING Ke Karimunjawa

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IN PARADISE- Karimunjawa (Java) vlog 5

Here is a bit of a different vlog from my amazing time in Karimun. Karimunjawa is a group of islands abut 6h ferry out of Middle east Java, Indonesia. If you have the possibility to go there I would strongly recommend it. There are barely any tourist, you have amazing scenery, beaches and corals and the locals there are really nice! As soon as I arrived on the island they took me out on a boat to a cool little island and there we did some snorkeling and just chilled until the sun set. The next day me and Seliem (a german guy I met) explored the island on a scooter and I DROVE A SCOOTER for the first time! quite exciting. I had days filled with stargazing, ukulele playing, fresh seafood from markets, great company and snorkeling on one of the most beautiful places I've been to. The only sad part about the island is that you can see trash on the shore of every beach (on the main island) and in the water. We went snorkeling to some beautiful reefs and on one of them we found ourselves just swimming in between plastic bags! these are extremely harmful to the animals that live there. Fish try to eat it and suffocate, turtles get caught in it and drown... And the sad thing is that the trash comes from the sea. It comes from the big cities and just drifts in with currents to Karimun. The people on the island are actually cautious about their waste. I think it is important to educate and tell of anyone who throws rubbish out in the wild, that is not where it belongs! I hope you enjoyed the video! Hostels: Samsara hostel- (95 000IDR) close to the pier and main streets. Nice people, but if I'd have the money I'd stay in the coconut house which was not that much more expensive but had a great vibe! MY CAMERA GEAR http://amzn.to/2vva7ly (affiliate) http://amzn.to/2tyXVCE (affiliate) http://amzn.to/2eDvZad (affiliate) http://amzn.to/2yC1Kp4 (affiliate) If you click these links and buy something on amazon I will get a 5% fare, thanks for the support! MORE VIDEOS https://youtu.be/jP-mJieJkqQ USA ROADTRIP https://youtu.be/qwLy-09Dyms

Pulau Karimunjawa - Mengejar Sunset

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